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Young Rock star Arlyn Broche: The Cuban beauty with brains who’s gracing our screens

Celebrity and actress Arlyn Broche most recently in Season 2 of Young Rock has been making waves for a while with her on-screen performances

We had the amazing opportunity to chat with the young, talented, beautiful, and brilliant Arlyn Broche,  who stars on NBC’s Young Rock, as the iconic and also Cuban Dani Garcia. She’s on-air along with another Miami local, Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Broche has already built a name for herself, especially for her role in Gravesend.  She is beautiful, elegant, smart, funny, professional, warm, charismatic, witty, and the list goes on but most of all she is MAGNETIC!

Let’s learn more about the Young Rock star who’s inspiring many and setting Hollywood on fire

Who is the talented Arlyn Broche on Young Rock?

Born to incredibly artistic, talented Cuban immigrants in Miami, Broche always knew she loved to act and was encouraged greatly by her father. Pursuing her passion in elementary school, she distanced herself from it after high school while focusing on getting her degree, raising her 3 children, managing a home, and also developing an interest in business.

However, she did go on to attend FIU for business but later switched to healthcare administration. Later down the line, she auditioned for the FIU Theatre program, where she trained with some incredible actors.

Arlyn Broche

How did she end up in this amazing career?

After running various successful businesses and focusing on building a career in healthcare, La Broche as she is called decided to finally give acting her all. This led to her appearing for over 700 auditions, traveling across the country for callbacks, meeting people, and doing so much more to make this happen.

It wasn’t easy to get to where she is, even though she’s just starting out. Not many people can say they stand along side Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson and so that is a great place to start!

Currently, La Broche isn’t just the incredible representation of Latinas on-screen, she’s also working off-screen as the Vice President of Content for Areu Bros. Studios, which is the biggest Latin studio in the country. She works with them to recognize actors, directors, and different individuals in the industry.  

What she wants women and girls to know

Arlyn Broche is an inspiration to young girls and women of all ages, exemplifying what it means to pursue your passions and stick to your dreams and goals no matter what.

She hopes to keep encouraging other women, especially young women and mothers, to pursue their dreams and not let a timeline hold them back from their goals and dreams. She shares a poignant reminder of how important it is to set your eyes on a goal and relentlessly follow it while staying true to yourself in the process.

“...owning your authenticity, and bringing that to whatever it is you do, and whatever it is that you decide to do, that’s what I feel the world needs more of,” she states. Authenticity is what shines the most and stands out more than anything else, according to Broche.

She also says that it’s crucial to remember that you will evolve and change, and you are not what you do. In fact, she even defines herself as a multi-hyphenate because she is constantly evolving and believes that change and growth is necessary to get ahead in life.  

You can follow this beautiful, talented actress on her social media pages, including Instagram @arlynbroche, and keep an eye out for her incredible performances and shows as she continues to grow! Last but not least, dont forget to catch her on Season 3 of Young Rock.

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