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World Kindness Day


What is Kindness?

Kindness is a gesture that is needed everywhere. Just because the world is shrouded in vices, this doesn’t mean that we need to lose hope. There is still kindness and there are people who are working day and night to promote it. Kindness is a smile to a stranger that passes you by, kindness is the holding of a door for some you dont know or someone you do know.  Kindness is so easy to achieve and so simple.

Even if we look at the philosophies of all the religions that are in this world, they only point to one thing: kindness. Every religion is based on this tenet and this brings us to the fact that kindness is basically an innate human feature.

Thinking about the reasons for why there is kindness in us, we must attribute it to our evolutionary behavior. This gesture or emotion is basically here to protect our kind from falling apart. Kindness is here to make us remember that every person counts on the face of this earth, and there is no way anyone deserves any sort of harm.

The need for kindness

Kindness is needed to spread the love. It is needed to care for the betterment of the human race specifically and all the other living organisms generally.

The world is shrouded in misery. We hear about harm and chaos every day on the news. This year alone, there was a rise or what seemed like a rise in terrorist activities and attacks which took place from Paris to Brussels in Europe, from Palestine to Iraq in the Middle East, from Afghanistan to Burma in South Asia, and from the USA to Mexico in the Americas.

In these perilous times, we need kindness. Because only through this, we can understand the true meaning of life and nature, and can also fulfill our purpose of life.

The need for a kindness day

As we, the human species, have spread throughout the earth from east to west, and north to south, bringing awareness about a special thing can be quite difficult. However, through advancements in science, technology, and also in the way we have started forming organizations for purposes that seek benefits for the society more than money for themselves we can create a shift in consciousness. Today you can be kind just by clicking a button.

We need to celebrate kindness day in order to spread the message of love and care to the masses in this world. Although all humans know about kindness, there is a need of a day which could bring them together so we can consciously practice it.

The Kindness Movement

After sensing the need for spreading kindness, the World Kindness Day was first coined in 1997 by the World Kindness Movement.

The WKM is basically a combination of and interaction between the kindness NGOs from around the world.

This movement has no affiliations with any political or religious entities.

When it comes to giving credit, Japan is the one which needs to be credited because it was in Tokyo that the kindness organizaintions were brought together.

World Kindness Day is here to inspire collaboration and sharing and this is why the World Kindness Movement has been created for. More than 28 nations are a part of this movement.

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