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Orange Theory Fitness West Kendall The place to meet your fitness goals...

Orange Theory Fitness

20170915 104900 169x300 - Orange Theory Fitness West Kendall The place to meet your fitness goals...Orange Theory Fitness West Kendall is your one stop for all your fitness needs. Enjoy access to a unique fitness center that offers encouragement, privacy, and an experienced staff that is fully committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.  Orange Theory Fitness West Kendall provides a sense of community, and empowers people of all ages to take charge of their health, and will keep you inspired to do your very best every time you go. At OTFWK you can workout the way that suits you best, and gain the most from the latest fitness equipment, group workouts and support from their committed and qualified trainers. Your membership with Orange Theory will help provide you with everything you  need to excel in your fitness journey and make fitness a part of your life.

OTFWK is not just a place you have a membership once you join, your never just another member.  They believe very strongly in fitness as a lifestyle and in the health benefits it will bring to your life. The staff is committed to making sure that you get the most out of your time with them. Because they want your fitness experiences to be positive, yield actual results, and be something you look forward to each day they change things up for every class every day. Choosing the right fitness facility can be difficult which is why they work so hard to make Orange Theory West Kendall always fun, always changing, always challenging you.  They are not just interested in high-pressure sales tactics.  Their mission is to make sure you really achieve YOUR fitness goals and maximize the health benefits of exercise. They are aware that everybody’s different and that we all have our own goals. Therefore,they are committed to offer loads of different types of training and support that caters to everyone. They want everyone who comes in to feel comfortable when they’re working out and they make sure to give you the tools you will need to get the best workout YOU can get.

At Orange Theory Fitness West Kendall you can expect a clean environment because the trainers all take it upon themselves to hand out sanitary wipes to everyone, so they can wipe down their equipment after use. Therefore, it is always smells clean. All the trainers that work at OTFWK love what they do. Everyone from John Paul the head trainer to Cody V, Cody P, Tony, and last but not least Lynette who motivates the whole room by screaming LIGHT IT UP is amazing at what they do. You can always count on being greeted with the utmost enthusiasm by the front desk staff. They will never complain when you ask them the same question over and over. "How many classes do I have left?"

You see at OTFWK you can choose between a membership that allows you to go up to 8 times a month or you can choose the UNLIMITED ROUTE. Unlimited is the way to go for BEST RESULTS. Whether it is because you want to become a professional athlete, bodybuilder, or because you just want to meet a nonprofessional fitness goal OTFWK will provide you with the right facility, equipment, instructions, and the motivation to get you started! At Orange Theory, they are committed to making sure you are comfortable and geared up to reach your specific fitness goals.


Join Orange Theory West Kendall  today to get started on your fitness journey by calling 305-615-1095.

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