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Woman killed by a forklift delivering storm repair supplies for Hurricane Ian

A hotel needing repairs after being damaged by Hurricane Ian resulted in a Woman killed by a forklift delivering storm repair supplies

A woman was killed by a forklift after she was run over by a forklift in the parking lot of a beachfront motel in Florida. According to the police, Susan Brock (62) was attacked at the Beach Haven Hotel in Daytona Beach Shores at approximately 1:45 p.m. on Monday.

Despite being rushed to the nearest hospital, the woman ultimately succumbed to her injuries. The OSHA has been informed, and the police have opened an investigation.

About the woman killed by a forklift

The unfortunate event occurred shortly before 2 o'clock in the afternoon. On Monday, a shooting occurred in Daytona Beach Shores near the intersection of A1A and Browning Avenue. The woman had been living in the motel while the roof was being repaired after Hurricane Ian.

According to Daytona Beach Shores public safety director Micheal Fowler, the woman killed by a forklift known as Brock was walking across the hotel parking lot while a roofing supply company was making a delivery. According to the police investigation, the forklift operator did not notice the woman and accidentally ran her over while transporting the supplies.

A view of a hurricane from space.

Safety concerns after Hurricane Ian

After September's Tropical Storm Ian, the hotel sustained a lot of damage and needed repairs. The forklift driver was delivering roofing materials for storm repairs and reportedly didn't see the woman.

The investigators are interviewing potential witnesses and combing through physical evidence to piece together what happened. The forklift operator is also helping authorities in their inquiries. The city will also undertake an investigation to decide whether to press criminal charges.

Who do you think should be held responsible for this woman killed by a forklift? The hotel that failed to ensure its occupants' safety, or the forklift driver who didn't pay attention to people in the way of his vehicle?

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