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Sheriff Carmine Marceno announces the number of deaths due to Hurricane Ian in his county

During Sunday's press conference, Sheriff Carmine Marceno reported the deaths caused by Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian caused massive destruction in Florida, and Lee County was one of the hardest hit areas in the region. On Sunday, Sheriff Carmine Marceno of Lee County shared that there have been 42 deaths due to Hurricane Ian.  

Governor Ron DeSantis declared the country "ground zero" while describing the damage the storm has caused in this county. So far, half of the storm-related deaths in the state are in Lee County.

When discussing his evacuation plan, Sheriff Carmine Marceno shared that he deems the authorities carried out the plan efficiently, and there's nothing he would change about it.

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Lee County and the authorities' evacuation plan

On Tuesday at 7:30 a.m., Lee County’s officials declared an obligatory evacuation order for Zone A. The evacuation order was issued for some Zone B areas, eventually expanding to the entire zone.

Before Hurricane Ian made landfall, Lee County altered the evacuation order, extending it to some Zone C areas. On Saturday, Florida’s Medical Examiners Commissioner confirmed the cause of 12 deaths in the county—11 deaths were drowning-related.

When discussing the fatality rate, Sheriff Carmine Marceno claimed that he was unsure how many would add to this rate—the current number of deaths remains 42.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s stance on looting instances

Sheriff Carmine Marceno took a tough stance on looting instances that are rising due to the ongoing storms. In this press conference, the sheriff stated that he had a zero-tolerance policy for looting. He claimed that officials would take strict action if anyone tried to rob, steal, or loot someone's house during such circumstances.

Besides the alarming numbers in Lee County, other counties have also released some numbers. Charlotte County reported 23 deaths, Volusia County declared 5, and Collier County reported three deaths related to the storm. Other counties have also reported accidents and causalities.

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