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Winter Outfits for When It’s Just Not That Cold

Are you tired of waiting year after year to wear all those cute sweaters, jackets, hoodies and coats, but just can’t seem to find the right time? Living in Miami, we know how hard it is to get your winter outfits just right since the weather is pretty warm, even during the peak winter season. Miami is where everyone wants to be but for those people that love winter it may leave them wanting more. Nevertheless, for the cold Miami lacks they make up for in many other areas.

However, we’re bringing you some killer styling tips to help you enjoy the pleasant weather and make the most of your winter wardrobe without feeling like you’ll pass out from the heat when the sun beats down on you.

Remember the following styling tips to make the most of Miami’s pleasant weather and your wintry outfits:

Stick to lighter, thinner winter clothing

Don’t pull out those sherpa hoodies and thick fur coats just yet. Stick to lighter, thinner weaves and materials that are breathable yet warm. A good tip would be to shop for fall accessories and outfits, including shrugs, wraps, jackets, and tops because they tend to be warm enough but not suffocating. Heavy winter wear can get quite uncomfortable in Miami’s weather, and if you’re traveling from out of town, it’s just unnecessary baggage. Traveling light during the winter months to Miami should be on top of mind.

Layering is going to be a lifesaver for you

Another pro-tip is to layer. Wear shirts and tops, or dresses and other clothing items that work for when the weather may be warmer, such as during the day, and carry a light jacket, shawl, or scarf for evenings or colder times. Layering gives you the flexibility to wear the things you want without getting stuck feeling hot or cold for the rest of the day. 

It also works for when you want to show a little skin. Pair a sweater with some shorts, and carry leggings in your bag, or carry a jacket or cardigan when wearing a dress, using stockings with skirts, or a jacket over a t-shirt--it’s the easiest hack. The best part of layering is you can always remove the layers if you start getting too hot.

It’s the perfect time for closed shoes too

Got some boots or a pair of bulky sneakers you love? Now is the perfect time to put them on. Even if you’re in shorts or a shirt, closed shoes will protect your feet and keep them from getting cold, helping you stay cozy and functional for the rest of the day. You’ll also be walking a lot while you’re out and about, so closed shoes will keep you safe.

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