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Why Miami is Fast Becoming the Sneaker Capital of the World

Sneaker reselling is a great way for youngsters to get started on their entrepreneurial journey. People all around the world, including teenagers, are earning six-figure incomes from their sneaker ventures. However, some have a geographical advantage over others. 

Until recently, NYC was considered the sneaker capital of the world, but there's another fashion hub in the US that has some of the best shops for Yeezys, Jordans, and Off-White Nikes in the country. Yes, we are talking about Miami, the Magic City – one of the best cities in the world to find world-class sneakers. Let’s talk about the sneaker culture in Miami. 

The Sneaker culture in Miami

It makes sense that a city where you can wear shorts all year round would be an amazing place for sneakers. It’s also where LeBron James pursues his trade! We believe the only downside of starting a sneaker business in Miami is that you’ll know what your kicks look like with jeans! 

One particular boutique store in Miami, Alchemist, has been a major hotspot for luxury streetwear and hype footwear. Its stunning architectural presence makes it a must-visit. At Alchemist, you will find numerous designer sneaker brands and all the best names from the world displayed across the shelves. Several brands have chosen this storefront in Miami to stock their most limited and profitable drops.

Miami is also home to Shoe Gallery, the purest mecca of shoes in the entire southern half of the United States. Shoe Gallery is a beacon of light to sneakerheads worldwide who love to ogle at the finest kicks made by top brands such as Adidas, Balenciaga, Nike, and more. Located in Miami’s Wynwood art district, Shoe Gallery was founded back in 1979 by Abram Waserstein and is cemented in the sneaker culture in Miami. 

There’s no place like Miami 

There’s no place like Miami when it comes to 80’s style Caribbean art-deco in vibrant hues. This art vibe has given birth to Art Basel, a worldwide collective that draws crop artists to the city. Along with traditional works of art and stunning sculptures, Art Basel is also home to the latest releases of some of the most valuable Jordans that go for thousands of dollars at a time. In recent years, Art Basel released the Jordan 1 Retro SoleFly "Art Basel" sneakers in multiple colors. Each pair of sneakers went for an average of $3,000 higher than their $160 retail price! 

Sneak Attack, the brainchild of a Miami-based sneakerhead, Nick Cortes, is another popular sneaker store that opened just in time for Art Basel’s kick-off in Miami. The shop caters to all sneaker aficionados and concentrates on limited-edition sneakers in special-order sizes. The shop is like a museum for serious footwear collectors, with everything from a sneaker that Joe Haden signed for Jay-Z to the gold-cleated shoes Derek Jeter was supposed to wear during his last Yankee game. 

With the emerging sneaker culture in Miami, it is safe to say that the city is on its way to becoming the next sneaker capital of the world. While the Magic City still has a long way to go, we will soon be able to see it surpassing NYC.  Calle Ocho News is the ultimate source of all things Miami. To know more about the hottest trends and events around Miami, subscribe to our newsletter today and plan your trip to Miami with Little Havana Tours.

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