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Miami Artwork and Where you can Purchase it

Check out these great locations where you can find some of the best Miami artwork

Miami artwork investments

Investing in the artwork is a great way to support local talent, build your own collection, and get pieces you truly love. It helps if you’re looking for places to purchase Miami artwork, we’ve got some excellent recommendations lined up for you.

Here are our top recommendations for some of the many incredible places where you can find Miami artwork, including paintings, prints, sculptures, and other options:

Rubell Family Collection

One of the most famous galleries in Miami is the Rubell Family Collection, which features a museum for visitors and a complete art store for interested buyers. You can easily find some incredible Miami artwork pieces from well-known up-and-coming artists, traveling exhibits, and frequently changing displays. They boast an impressive collection here, which gives you a lot of variety to choose from. Check out more details about their store timings, in-house restaurant, as well as other events and happenings here.

A collection of paintings and various art frames placed on the ground.

Known for their whimsical collections, experimental and bold choices of Miami artwork, and curating some of the most amazing art pieces available, David Castillo Gallery is one of the best spots in Miami whether you want to browse or buy. You can also find other products such as prints and sculptures and some very contemporary, experimental pieces that are bound to tug on your heartstrings.

Bakehouse Art Complex

Wynwood Art District’s darling, the Bakehouse Art Complex, is another incredible place to check out Miami artwork for your art lust. From young, exciting artists to fantastic experimental creators, you’ll find so much variety here. Just a visit to Bakehouse is an experience in itself, with a gorgeous gallery space, multiple exhibitions and displays, fresh food, and frequent events. If you’re a serious buyer, it’s a great place to get a feel of what you like.

Futurama 1637 Art Galleries

Established in 2011, Futurama 1637 Art Galleries is Little Havana’s best-kept secret. The community art space is not just for buyers and sellers but for the people of Miami. It features works from over 42 artists from Argentina, Ecuador, and various countries and cities worldwide, allowing them to share their talent with Miami locals. They host exhibitions and art events where interested parties can go and check out some of the fantastic displays and get a full taste of what these creators offer.

Latin Art Core

Speaking of Little Havana, our very own Calle Ocho is home to none other than the fantastic Latin Art Core, an exclusive Cuban fine art gallery. They feature works by Cuban and Latino artists across various themes, disciplines, mediums, and methods, giving you endless variety to choose from these high-quality works of art. The gallery is gorgeously designed and home to some serious talent. Get more details here.

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