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Futurama features a multicultural art experience for all to enjoy

Futurama is the community’s gallery

Futurama 1637 Art Galleries is a place that everyone should plan to visit! It was established in 2011 with the mission to advocate for the visual arts and continue to expand knowledge and culture in a beautiful way. Located in Little Havana, this gallery features over 42 local artists that come from not so local places. Artists displayed come from Argentina, France, Peru, Ecuador, and beyond. Twelve of such artists have their studios at the gallery, which allows patrons to see how their masterpieces are created. 

“Futurama is not your ordinary gallery, it is a community of art. We offer an immersive experience for all that come through our doors,” said Pati Vargas, who is the curator at Futurama. 

The artists displayed in the gallery come from all over the world and display their originality in various ways. You are sure to see something unique if you pay the gallery a visit, and perhaps find that show stopper piece to adorn one of your walls. 

Besides the art that is on display, Futurama cares immensely about the community and hosts various events year-round. Some of these events include free art classes for seniors and children, the three day festival of Umbrellas of Little Havana, and the Cafe con Arte collective exhibit.  

Keep your calendars open for May 15th until May 30, 2021, because Futurama will hold a Meninas of Little Havana Collective Exhibit. This will be a chance for more artists to showcase their work and participate in the creation of a beautiful Menina sculpture. There will be a taskforce of 24 artists that will paint the Menina’s skirt, and the hat will be a tribute to the woman who sells flowers on 17th Ave. and Calle Ocho. This hat will be adorned with flowers and is to be painted by one of the woman’s six children, Carlos. 

As you can see, Futurama is a community gathering of art! It is a place that truly represents the uniqueness of Miami and all the different ethnicities that it holds. Make plans and head to the gallery today to see just some of the most beautiful works Miami has to offer! 

Here are some of the artists that can be found at the gallery, check out their Instagram to see what they can do: D'Cary Design, Luam Art Studio, Annie M, Aaron Hill, Omar Corrales Mora, Marta Cubillas, Cristina Cuoto, Anne Woungly Massaga, Carlos Ayube, Delfi Art Gallery, Inna Malostovker, Cilia Rodriguez Madrinan, Thelma Delgado, Ninoska Perez-Castellon, Josielis Medina, Diana Castillo, Pilar Gueada, Joseph Woodward, Geiler Gonzalez, Carlos Santana, Sila Rangel, Felix Avila, Carlos Alberto Perez-Leon.

To find out more about the gallery, upcoming events, and featured artists be sure to follow Futurama’s Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to also keep up with Pati Vargas for other incredible opportunities within the community.  

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