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Vivente Candles brings you a Bergamot and Vetiver Candle for this Summer

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Male scented candles are a hot item this year for any occasion. Vivente Candles located on the first floor of Futurama Art Galleries has created the Pangea I, which is an exquisite masculine blend that contains notes of Dragon’s Blood, Wood Oils, and Vetiver.

Silvia Fassardi of Vivente Candles in the heart of Little Havana explains how the Vetiver is a well-known grass from Haiti and India that is highly respected in the perfume industry. Bergamot which is the heart of the scent is the other citrus they use to enhance this earthy and grassy experience.  Candle 2 - Vivente Candles brings you a Bergamot and Vetiver Candle for this SummerIn 2017 men bought around 79,000 candles per month. An average of $28 per candle was spent according to a study released by The National Candle Association, which reports that men accounted for a record 10 percent of total candles sales that year.

Men typically like the wood smoke aromas like musk and bergamot. Maybe it’s because guys deal with stress all day long in their jobs and enjoy a beer or glass of wine with the smell of a relaxing candle in the evening just as much as women do. We see more and more how husbands, fathers, and single men buy candles to enhance the air at home.

This that is made available at Vivente Candle smells and burns perfectly after many hours and has become one of their best sellers for those looking to enhance their mood by feeling calm and uplifted. This blend comes in two different sizes, 14 oz great for a gift with a gorgeous black box as packaging and the 10 oz clear glass jar decorated elegantly with a silk ribbon to enclose the aroma. This scent has the sharp and raw smell of uncut grass on a warm day with hints of wood and citrus. This fragrance is sure to complete the ambience in any room and hey a perfect place to start might even be your office or his.

The process and complexity involved in the creation of this exclusive fragrance is made possible by the Vivente Candles lab in Little Havana. It is also available online or in our pop-up shop located at 1637 SW 8th St. Miami Fl 33135 right on Calle Ocho in the Futurama 1637 Art Galleries.  Very soon our Vivente Candles Lab will be open to visitors and as well as locals to experience the process of making our products.

You can visit them at or call them at: 305-680-9422

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