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Enjoy the wonderfully aromatic Vivente Candles

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For many years, candles have played a significant role in many cultures across the world. They have been an item in religious ceremonies over time, and they are still widely used today for festive and biblical purposes.

However, the use of candles has had even more meaning in the 21st century – assuming an aromatic and decorative role. The role they play has been expanded from simple pillars of light to items with visually pleasing aesthetics and appealing aromas. This is why Vivente Candles was founded.

Who is Vivente?

Established in Miami in 2017, Vivente Candles is a pop up shop that currently focuses on creating elegance through top quality craftsmanship of candles. Vivente Candles are fragranced and hand made by a blend of soy and coconut wax and they come in beautiful 14 oz clear glass jar with an elegant black box.

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The glass jar creates a large liquid pool of warm, fragrance which allows it to burn for approximately 50 hours. The perfect blend of coconut and soy offers users a lovely, clean, and fresh tropical smell – one you would love.

What's more? Vivente Candles are designed with the Ocean Breeze fragrance – to provide a fresh blend of top notes of Basil along with a hint  of Himalayan Bamboo and Sea Salt as well as a  base of Lemongrass. Our complex, yet pleasing fragrance mix is a union of bamboo foliage and rich green florals.

With the subtle character of our candles, your room is sure to be with a perfect, calming presence. Our candles are exclusive and they are created in our Miami based lab in our Miami River facility. The absence of paraffin accompanied by the 100% cotton feel of our candle wick makes for a cleaner, fresher burn. The newest blend of our elegant, expertly styled candle collection is of rose-white tea and orange blossom and you should not miss our brand new diffusers.

Vivente is your go-to candle shop in Miami. You can easily reach us at or through our telephone line at 305 680 9422. Their pop up shop is conveniently located at 1637 SW 8th St. inside the Futurama building. Feel free to contact us any time – rest assured our perfectly styled candles will not only offer several hours of mesmerizing flame, but you are sure to enjoy hours of ambience, fresh aromas, and pleasure.

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