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University of Miami fraternity shut down after necrophilia allegations against members

The University of Miami fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, has been shut down after a disturbing video went viral

The Sigma Phi Epsilon was shut down due to allegations made against the menbers. Some women have claimed the fraternity's member drugged and spiked drinks at a an off campus party. Besides drug allegations, a video has been making rounds on the internet in which the University of Miami fraternity members can be seen chanting and dancing to a song about necrophilia.

What actually happened at an off campus University of Miami fraternity party

What happened during the party?

Many attendants reported seeing a ‘white substance’ in their drinks at the off-campus party. In fact, a girl at the party stated that she had spotted a ‘white powder-like substance’ in her cup after she looked away for a moment.

Moreover, students from the University of Miami who were at the party also mentioned that Sigma Phi Epsilon’s members were spraying a fire extinguisher. In addition, people were vomiting and blacking out after just a couple of drinks.

The situation worsened when the members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon started chanting about digging up dead bodies of women and having intercourse with them, a video that disturb countless students.

The University of Miami's statement

A frat party

The University of Miami has released a statement regarding these allegations and shared that the institution always conveys policies to encourage a healthy and safe experience for its students. Since the allegations violate these policies, they will shut down this fraternity immediately despite their partnership of 73 years.

The Chief Communication Office for Sigma Phi Epsilon, Heather Matthews, also followed suit and released a statement. According to the statement, Mattews mentions that the University of Miami fraternity has violated the policies outlined by the University of Miami, and SigEp chapters are expected to provide a safe and supportive environment for members and the campus community.

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