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Unicoin advances its presence with strategic partnerships and brand transformation

Unicoin is set for an exciting journey as it forges key partnerships and reveals a powerful rebranding

Unicoin, the innovative cryptocurrency with strong backing in real assets, is making significant strides in its mission to reshape the crypto landscape. Recent developments demonstrate the company's commitment to providing unique investment opportunities while solidifying its brand identity.

Unicoin's listing on INX.One trading platform

Unicoin's forthcoming listing on the INX. One trading platform marks a key moment in the cryptocurrency's journey. This US-regulated entity offers a fully-regulated trading platform for tokenized assets and crypto. Unicoin, which boasts backing from equity positions and real estate in high-growth companies, is well-poised to gain traction on INX's expansive and regulated platform. This strategic move highlights it's dedication to fostering liquidity in the tokenized assets landscape.

Unicoin's compliance with Regulations D and S, utilizing filing exemptions under the U.S. Securities Act, underlines its dedication to adhering to regulatory standards and ensuring transparency. As the official cryptocurrency of the acclaimed Unicorn Hunters show, which provides a global stage for emerging growth companies, Unicoin aims to offer its holders pre-IPO investment opportunities and a share in the potential success of these entities. The listing on INX is expected to go live later in October, marking a significant milestone for Unicoin and its visionary approach to crypto investments.

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Bold rebranding with FutureBrand

Unicoin is undergoing a remarkable rebranding initiative in collaboration with FutureBrand, a premier global branding agency renowned for its work with top names in various industries. This transformation aims to strengthen it's image and highlight its potential impact on the financial world. FutureBrand's creative vision has given birth to a powerful brand identity encapsulated by the “unicorn of crypto” and the values it represents: "Unique, Universal, Unified."

The unicorn, symbolizing it's affiliation with Unicorn Hunters, serves as a bridge between entertainment and wealth creation, offering individual founders and investors access to exciting investment opportunities. Surrounding the unicorn is a heptagon, a geometric shape that carries historical connotations of trust and excellence. This symbolic choice reinforces it's commitment to reliability and transparency.

The Founder and President of Unicoin, Silvina Moschini, expressed excitement about this collaboration with FutureBrand, envisioning it as the "Unicorn of Crypto." The partnership signifies it's dedication to reshaping the crypto landscape and democratizing investment opportunities.

Investors have demonstrated immense trust in Unicoin, with over $500 million sold since its launch in February 2022. The digital currency's value has surged by a remarkable 4,900%, indicating the confidence placed by corporations and individuals from over 100 countries.

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