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Reinaldo “Rey” Valdes: The Miami Realtor behind Unicoin Inc.'s monumental $210M copper mine crypto deal

The largest cryptocurrency deal  for real estate worldwide, valued at $420,000,000 Unicoin, made possible by Reinaldo “REY” Valdes, a Cuban Miami-based realtor for over 54 years

Unicoin Inc., the official cryptocurrency of the renowned business series Unicorn Hunters, has entered into a landmark agreement with Argentine corporation Electroquímica Del Neuquen S.A. This strategic deal was put together by Cuban-born Reinaldo “Rey” Valdes of Global Compass Real Estate Investments Corp. and involves acquiring mineral rights, primarily for copper exploration and exploitation, through an innovative and asset-backed approach. The acquisition, valued at a staggering $210 million, aka $420 million(Ú) for Unicoin Inc. sets a new precedent for integrating traditional assets into the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

The deal hinges on the successful review during the due diligence process and the effective transfer of mining concessions from Electroquímica. Once finalized, Electroquímica will emerge as the predominant holder of Unicoins. Valdes presented the opportunity to both buyer and seller and represented both buyer and seller as the broker liaison of record known as Global Compass Real Estate Investments Corp.

Unicoin Inc.'s asset-backed cryptocurrency model

Unicoin Inc. has garnered widespread attention for its pioneering approach to cryptocurrency by addressing one of the industry's most pressing challenges—volatility. Unlike many cryptocurrencies with fluctuating values and minimal underlying assets, Unicoin is an asset-backed digital currency.

With a diverse portfolio that encompasses equity stakes in high-growth enterprises and real estate properties, Unicoin offers investors a tangible and more stable alternative in the ever-evolving crypto market.

The recent agreement centers around the Barda Gonzalez Project, situated within Argentina's Neuquen Province—a resource-rich region known for its significant copper deposits. The transaction's uniqueness lies in the payment method: Unicoin Inc. will acquire the mineral rights using its native cryptocurrency, Unicoin (Ú), at $0.50 per coin.

This creative arrangement not only underlines Unicoin's commitment to bridging the gap between traditional assets and digital currencies but also highlights its dedication to supporting the real-world industries it ventures into.

A transformational step forward

The acquisition of the Barda Gonzalez Project marks a giant step towards Unicoin Inc. in its pursuit of a $1 billion portfolio in real estate —a substantial foundation for bolstering Unicoin's inherent value.

Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of Unicoin Inc., expressed his enthusiasm for this landmark deal, emphasizing how the strategic acquisition aligns with the company's broader growth strategy. This move not only increases Unicoin's total assets but also serves as a means to attract capital and facilitate the launch of Unicoin, benefitting all stakeholders involved.

"We are pleased to have selected Unicoin as our cryptocurrency of choice to partner with as we strongly believe in their business model of an asset-backed coin versus the majority of the coins on the worldwide market with ZERO assets. We look forward with great excitement towards the future to collaborate with Unicoin on other projects around the globe and to make Unicoin the top cryptocurrency for serious investors worldwide"

Ernesto Bernadet, owner of Electroquímica.
Reinaldo “Rey” Valdes posing for picture

McKinsey & Co. Forecasts a Surge in Copper Demand by 2031

Leading consulting firm McKinsey & Co. has projected a significant rise in the demand for copper due to electrification trends. By 2031, the annual demand for copper is anticipated to reach a staggering 36.6 million metric tons. However, the supply is only predicted to meet 30.1 million tons, indicating a potential deficit of 6.5 million tons as we approach the next decade. In a related development, the US Department of Energy recognized the importance of copper by including it in its list of critical minerals earlier this month.

In the backdrop of these industry trends, Unicoin Inc. is strategically positioning itself for growth. The company has introduced forward-thinking fundraising initiatives, such as the "Buy Now, Pay Later" scheme and the "140% program." These programs empower real estate owners with a unique opportunity: leveraging their properties to delve into cryptocurrency.

The timing of Unicoin Inc.'s entry into copper mining is fitting, as global demand for the metal is projected to surge. By merging the stability of traditional assets with the innovation of cryptocurrencies, Unicoin raises the bar for creating value and market sustainability.

Who is Reinldo “REY” Valdes?

For over half a century, Reinaldo “Rey” Valdes has not only been a distinguished realtor but also a dedicated servant to Miami Dade County's local government and community. With over two decades of service, Valdes has donned numerous hats, most notably as the Vice-Chair of Community Relations under the leadership of esteemed Chairmen like Joe Martinez, Bruno Barreiro, Rebecca Sosa, and Monestine.

His commitment to the community is further highlighted by his roles as the Chairman of the Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board and the Chair of Housing and Economic issues, among others. Dive deeper into his illustrious journey by visiting his website.

For inquiries about potential asset-based transactions with Unicoins worldwide, please contact Reinaldo 'Rey' Valdes directly. You can call, text, or WhatsApp him at 786-326-8885. For more information, visit www.GlobalCompassRealEstate.International.

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