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Uber launches supervised teen accounts for rides and food orders in Miami

Parents can now provide their teenagers with Uber accounts, complete with safety features in Miami

Uber has unveiled an exciting new feature in Miami, allowing parents to create supervised Uber accounts for their teenagers. This feature enables teenagers aged 13 to 17 to independently request rides and order food through the Uber app while ensuring parents have peace of mind with a suite of safety measures.

More about this launch and app features in the news below.

How to create a teen account on Uber

Creating a teen account on Uber is a straightforward process, emphasizing safety from the very beginning. Parents or guardians can set up a teen account for their children by using the family profile within the Uber app. Here's how it works:

Send an Invite: Parents or guardians send an invitation to their teens to create an account. The teen receives a downloadable link after receiving the invite. They can set up their own account, followed by a compulsory safety onboarding process.

Special Discounts: They are offering an exclusive promotion for teen riders, providing 40% off on their first three trips in the first month of their use, with discounts of up to $15 per trip.

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Safety features for teen accounts

Uber's teen accounts come equipped with a range of safety features to ensure parents and teenagers feel secure while using the service. These features include:

Live Trip and Delivery Tracking: Parents can monitor their teen's trip or food delivery in real-time, ensuring they reach their destination safely.

PIN Verification: An added layer of security, PIN verification ensures that the right person is getting into the right vehicle.

Unexpected Alerts: If a trip takes an unexpected turn, both parents and teens will receive alerts to keep everyone informed and aware.

Audio Recording: For added accountability, trips can be recorded, providing a record of the journey.

Teen-Friendly Uber Eats: Teens can order food from Uber Eats, making meal delivery convenient and safe.

Direct Communication: Parents and guardians have the ability to contact Uber's safety line and driver.

They have taken extensive measures to ensure the safety of teen accounts. All couriers and drivers in these transactions have undergone rigorous background checks and local screening and are experienced and highly rated. The company consulted with safety experts for over a year during the development of these accounts to ensure a secure experience for all parties involved.

With this expansion, teen accounts are now accessible in 250 cities in 49 US states, providing a valuable and secure transportation and food delivery option for teenagers and their families.

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