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Trump Launches New Social Media App, Truth Social, to Lackluster Response

The social media app, Truth Social, makes its way to the iOS App Store

After being banned from Twitter earlier last year, Trump did not take lightly to this public act of what was deemed censorship. However, with access to mainstream social media platforms cut off for the former POTUS and right-wing poster child, he has just launched his very own social media app, Truth Social.

The truth about Truth Social

Truth Social is an app designed to share the unfiltered, uncensored ‘truth’ about the world around us and promotes free speech. Unlike predecessors of a similar nature, the app does have a more pleasing visual and aesthetic quality to it albeit eerily similar to Twitter.

The UI is nearly identical to Twitter, allowing you to ‘Compose Truth’ instead of Tweeting your thoughts out loud. With a 500 character limit, the app also allows you to search, get news and alerts, view your feed, and receive messages. It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to figure out.

Public response to the app

All exchanges on the app are known as referred to as Truths, or some variation of that, such as re-Truths, reaffirming what Trump’s own belief systems have been in the past. In fact, he remains the most popular suggestion for accounts to follow on the app.

However, the public response to Truth Social has been quite lackluster, with not much interest being shown in it. In fact, the truth of the matter is (pun intended) that the former POTUS himself has scarcely posted more than one Truth since the launch two weeks ago. He did, however, accumulate a few hundred thousand followers in that time, which makes sense since the app is essentially his personal venting space, and anyone who joins the app is doing so for first-row seats to his truth-telling.

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