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Top 7 Ramen spots in Miami

Nothing says comfort food like a steaming bowl of noodles so check out these Ramen spots in Miami

The iconic Asian dish of Ramen is on the rise across the United States, and Miami is not one to be left behind. A traditional ramen bowl features n oodles, salty broth, miso, soy sauce, a variety of veggies, and the chef's choice of protein. These bowls, which are served warm and often feature a topping of eggs, pork, or chicken, are a delicious option no matter what the weather is like.

Check out these popular Ramen spots to enjoy a steaming bowl in Miami:

Yuzu Miami

Yuzu, formerly located in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood, has relocated to The Citadel food hall, where it continues to provide a range of Asian cuisine with a Miami twist. You'll find four unique varieties of ramen there, including one with duck breast and bok cabbage and another vegan option with a shitake-based broth.

Momi Ramen

Brickell's late-night ramen spots place is the closest you can get to snacking on the streets of Tokyo without actually being in Japan. There's only room for 19 people at this cash-only establishment, so expect a wait if you show up late or on the weekend. Moreover, everything is served in a soup made from bone marrow – just a heads up for our vegan and vegetarian readers.

Ichimi Ramen

Ichimi, with outlets in both Gables and Midtown, offers dishes that are rarely found at noodle shops. You won't find a more diverse or creative menu anywhere else. The curry ramen combines the best of Japanese and Southeast Asian flavors in a silky broth, while the summery spiced ramen gets an extra kick and unique flavor from the homemade hot sauce.

Baby Jane Cocktail House & Noodle Bar

Baby Jane is a popular dive bar, but many patrons don't realize how much more there is to choose from besides Japanese whisky. Baby Jane's Shiro Kombu bowl, made with a vegetarian broth, might just be the best ramen in Miami for vegetarians. The Fried Chicken Shiro Shoyu Bowl is also prepared using vegetable broth, making it a great option for individuals who don't eat pork.

Ramen noodles being held up by chopsticks.

Hachidori Ramen Bar

Ramen spots lovers in Little River now have a new spot to satisfy their cravings for the Japanese mainstay, with selections ranging from classic to vegetarian options. Order a bottle of sake and some izakaya-style small plates at Hachidori, and you have the perfect cozy meal to enjoy with your significant other.


Sushi may be what draws customers to the Asian tapas stand in the shiny new Sistrunk Marketplace, but the ramen is what keeps them coming back for more. Noodles are cooked from scratch every day. They are then drenched in unique broths like chicken curry pomodori and spirited truffle tori tongkotsu that you won't find anywhere else in Broward.

If you're not a pork-eater, you can choose from three seafood dishes which pair well with a vodka drink made from vodka distilled right there at the restaurant.


The broths used at Japanese ramen restaurants are what truly sets them apart. Shokudo is your go-to spot for the city's richest, most refined broths. The characteristic shoyu ramen features a kombu/shitake broth, a sour stock derived from sea kelp, chashu pork, and nori fish cakes, and is served at only a few restaurants.

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