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Things We Need to Normalize About Body Fat and Imperfections

Body Fat, Fat rolls, love handles, hip dips, hyperpigmentation, body hair, are all things we need to normalize about our bodies

These are some of the most common features that women, and people in general, struggle to accept. It's because society has conditioned us into desiring unattainable ideals and adhering to an unfair set of highly eurocentric beauty standards in general. Case in point: airbrushed supermodels and movie stars who cave under pressure to look perfect. It can be hard to practice self-love as a must-do behavior while in Miami, but we need to start someplace.

What's strange is that many of the things we feel insecure about and feel ashamed of are completely normal, and it's about time we shift the conversation to normalize the following:

Having body fat

It doesn't get more normal than this, to be honest. Our bodies need fat to survive since it keeps our organs safe, regulates hormones, maintains body temperature, and does so much more than we realize. Having a little or a lot of extra body fat is normal, and there are so many factors, including gender, age, race and ethnicity, and lifestyle, that can affect how and where you store fat. Even the thinnest people will have some amount of fat on their bodies, and that's perfectly normal.

Stomach rolls, protruding belly, heavier, fuller hips, chubby arms, love handles these are all things that are pretty natural for both men and women!


Many teens and adults struggle with acne, and again, it's a perfectly normal thing to deal with. Hormones, diet, genetics, and medical conditions may all contribute to acne, and whether it's a few pimples or a long-term breakout, you're still beautiful.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are proof that our bodies have grown and changed. They signify that you've lived!

Everyone gets stretch marks, whether it's teen girls or older men. They occur due to various factors, including pregnancy, hormonal changes, growth spurts, weight loss or gain, muscle building, etc. There's really nothing to be ashamed about, and it's about time we appreciate them instead of trying to eradicate them.

A person planks during a workout with visible fat rolls along their sides.


Scarring from acne, injuries, and accidents are all pretty normal. Again, we as a society get invasive and tend to act on the offense, but remember that your scars are perfectly okay. You don't have to romanticize or think of them as beautiful, but they are certainly not ugly. After all, they're proof that your body has healed itself.

Asymmetrical features

This is another thing that often makes people uncomfortable. Having asymmetrical breasts, eyes, and other features is part of natural design. We're living & breathing creatures, after all, not sculptures, toys, or factory-manufactured dolls. So what if one breast is fuller than the other, or one arm is more muscular than the other? There's symmetry in asymmetry.

Celebrating our bodies should be considered the norm, rather than shaming them. They do so much for us every day, from keeping us alive during a pandemic to birthing children, moving to our favorite music, being home to people we love.

At Calle Ocho News, we want to revolutionize how we talk about damaging social norms and want our readers to connect more with themselves. We're not only sharing recommendations for things you must do in Miami when it comes to health and wellness, but we're also bringing you some incredible insights and unique perspectives. Stay tuned for more riveting content.

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