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These are the 80's fashion trends coming back in 2022

These top 80's fashion trends will have you make a room in your wardrobe!

It seems logical that the 80's are making a comeback in 2022. The decade’s aesthetic revolved around vivid colors, coziness, and cheerfulness, things everyone needs after the pandemic. Moreover, 80's fashion also holds a special place in the hearts of die-hard fans of the popular TV series ‘Stranger Things.’ And according to pop culture expert Zavvi, there has been a rise in demand for 80's fashion since the show’s release.

So, let’s take a ride back to ‘Upside Down’ and check out the recurring 80's fashion trends!

Animal prints

People are considering reviving animal prints back from the 80's fashion trends to 2022 era. Celebrities like Bon Jovi and Joan Collins and fashion shows like Yves Saint Laurent brought it back into the fashion spotlight in the 1980's.

You can clearly see the animal print gloves Joyce (Winona Ryder) wears when talking on a phone call in season 4.

Double denim

The “Double Denim trend” was extremely popular in the 1980's. Most celebrities associate the 1980's with double denim outfits, such as Johny Depp’s torn jeans and denim vest and Whitney Houston’s high waist jeans with a denim jacket. The 80's double denim mania is one example of how celebrity influence has affected fashion style in the 80's.

The 80’s fashion trends like double denim trend was also seen in Stranger Things. There were many times in the show we saw ripped jeans paired with a denim jacket, especially when Eddie (Joesph Quinn) was on screen.


Without leggings, there can be no authentic comeback of the 1980's. A major 80's fashion trend was leggings. 80's fashion trends women of all ages were seen wearing baggy t-shirts or loose sweaters with leggings. Even though people don’t usually wear the vividly colored ones from the roller skating scenes of “Stranger Things,” leggings are definitely a trend you must try!

Puffy sleeves

Another trend from the 1980's that is back is puffy sleeves, which give any top or dress a voluminous appearance. The puff-sleeved dresses worn by Princess Diana were extremely popular during the decade. Women of all sizes and shapes looked beautiful with puffy sleeves and tight waists. Even though it was the first ball for Eleven ever, she looked flawless in a puffy sleeves dress and a vibrant belt cinching her waist, which represented two of the hottest fashion trends of the 80's.

Statement t’s

Some of the most well-known fashion trends of the 1980's were statement t-shirts, commonly known as slogan t-shirts. They had existed for several years, but this was when they started to get noticed. You can notice this in several Strangers Things characters, such as Dustin (Matarazzo), who wears several statement T’s over the seasons, and Eddie (Joseph Quinn), who is best known for his famous look that includes a T-shirt from the Hellfire Club.

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It goes without saying that “Stranger Things” has contributed to the revival of the 1980's aesthetic. The various on-screen fashions seem to get better every season in some way. People are excited to revive these fashion trends and wear them out on the streets once more. So let’s gear up and take a voyage on “Back to the Past” together. You may also want to start storing up on the 80's fashion trendiest clothes of the time right now as another season is already planned.

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