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The Zoo Miami ‘Zoofari’ Monorail Takes its Final Ride

The Zoo Miami Zoofari Monorail has been transporting visitors around the park for over four decades

Zoo Miami’s monorail, also known as the Zoofari, was decommissioned this week after over four decades of functioning in the community. This week, the monorail officially took its final ride after transporting over a million people through the park. It’s a significant moment in the history of the community, given how much of a favorite the monorail was for zoo-goers.

A brief history of the Zoo Miami monorail

The Zoofari started out in 1982 with three trains that offered transportation on an elevated 2.2-mile long track that leads throughout the zoo. In 1987, two more trains were added to the Zoofari. These trains had been used in the World’s Fair in New Orleans, and after Hurricane Andrew damaged the monorail quite extensively, it took several months to get repairs done.

The monorail has been a favorite for zoo-goers and Zoo Miami park visitors for 44 years, bringing them a great option for air-conditioned, convenient, and fast transportation across the park.

A young child feeds deer at a local zoo.

Why this difficult decision has been taken by Zoo Miami

The difficult decision was taken as a result of the original manufacturer shutting down operations, which makes maintenance and upkeep difficult to manage. Replacement parts are complex and extremely expensive to acquire, and although tearing down the tracks is expensive, it’s still cheaper than paying for maintenance.

Work on removing the tracks will begin at the end of the year.

Although the Zoo Miami monorail will no longer be available for use, there are different alternatives for travel and movement across the park, including trams, cycling tours, and VIP golf carts that can be reserved in advance.

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