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The Miami Grand Prix leaves Stefano Domenicali making more plans

The Miami Grand Prix took place in early May and exceeded all the expectationss of Stefano Domenicali who is now making future plans

Stefano Domenicali has been singing praises after the raging success that was the debut of the Miami Grand Prix. The CEO of the Formula One (F1) group said that the event was a success on all fronts, and things have been “on fire” since.

With no end to the praises and a new standard set for future events, let’s take a look at some of the key highlights and strengths of the first-ever Miami Grand Prix

Major highlights of the Miami Grand Prix

In addition to the world-class track for the race, the facilities at the Miami Grand Prix were also incredibly well planned and organized. Proper planning and efficient management allowed the Grand Prix to carry on as scheduled, while varied entertainment was the cherry on top.

The Miami Grand Prix was also a major hit with stars and celebrities who wanted to see and be seen at the hottest new event in town. Public figures like the former first lady Michelle Obama, David Beckham, Michael Jordan, and many others were spotted there.

A large crowd sitting in the audience cheers excitedly during an F1 event.

Future plans for the Grand Prix

Admittedly, however, Domenicali also admits that there is room for more improvement and growth.

Domenicali is set to speak to Hard Rock Stadium CEO Tom Garfinkel in the coming days, but it’s not all about the potential improvements. Instead, the focus, he said, is on the races and getting working on other aspects of the Grand Prix. However, the CEO of Formula 1 admits that calling the Grand Prix a success is an understatement. Considering the fact that the contract was signed a year ago and to go from nothing to an incredible facility, track, and arena, we can only imagine how much better upcoming events will be.

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