The Little Havana Art District.

ADELMO 1 - The Little Havana Art District.

With so many changes in the neighborhood, both locals and visitors are unaware of the boundaries that define this area in the community.

The heart of the Little Havana Art District is Calle 8, at Domino Plaza. While most people think it only spans four blocks, from 12th Ave to 17th Ave; It’s much larger than that. 

Little Havana has excellent cultural art venues and restaurants to suit all kinds and prices throughout. On SW 1st and 5th Ave, you’ll find the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, a historic masterpiece, plus an excellent place to see and learn about classical dance and music. Here, you’ll find Classical Cuban ballet performances. They also offer lessons.

Around the corner from the cultural center, there is the Historic Miami River Inn, which often hosts interesting community events, and a few blocks from there, Jose Marti Park, also hosts events, such as “Keeping Current”, an initiative lead by the City of Miami and the Van Allen Institute to redesign the park, including a new sea wall to accommodate the rising sea level and more space for additional sports activities selected by residents.

Up the street from the park, on SW 6th Street and 12th Avenue, you’ll find a cultural village, where fabulous galleries, like Galeria Adelmo and Daniel Fila’s is located. Both art studios offer different types of art classes. The fabulous ceramic art studio of Carlos Alves is also located here. On the second floor of the building, the 6th Street Dance Studio offers contemporary ballet as well as Afro-Cuban dance classes!

Moving along SW 8th Street, there are many new restaurants such as La Trova, owned and operated by globally acclaimed, MIAMI Native, Chef Michelle Bernstein and Cuban Cantinero Julio Cabrera, which recently opened. The venue is not only a great restaurant, it’s also a bartending school located on 9th Ave.

At Exquisito Chocolates located on 26th ave and SW 8th St, you’ll find an incredible chocolate factory, where you may learn the art of making chocolates, as well as how to make your own confections.

Aside from that, there are outstanding comedic theater performances in Spanish at Teatro Ocho, and outstanding live rock music at Bar Nancy for those who enjoy classic and longtime local rock bands.

As new developments spread throughout the District, the arts and cultural scene is growing at a rapid pace. Whether you’re a local, or not, a cultural tour off the beaten path with an experienced guide, or a cultural festival, like the original Viernes Culturales, now on the third Friday of the month, are both good ways to explore the street canvases throughout Little Havana!

Lastly, you may also find new happenings throughout the District via Facebook page “Little Havana Art District”.

If you or someone you know is interested in a Little Havana Art District Tour, please contact 305-898-0172 for recommendations, or go to to book a small group tour!

Reputable tours  start at approximately $35/pp, not including Guide gratuity. Tour costs vary due to length and inclusions, and there are many options to suit all visitors. TOURS DURING VIERNES CULTURALES ARE FREE, no reservations required!

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