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Want the 2022 Paxlovid Pfizer Covid Pill? No perscription? No problem!

The Pfizer COVID pill will now be available at major pharmacies across the country without perscription

Although the world may be two years into dealing with one of the worst and deadliest pandemics in the modern era, science and technology have also enabled us to take effective measures and protection. While vaccines were prioritized in the race to immunize populations, the Pfizer Covid pill has also been developed.

As of this week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  has approved and allowed pharmacists to prescribe this medication, which will be made available at pharmacies across the country.

How the Pfizer COVID pill will be dispensed according to the new regulations

The FDA stated that pharmacists are now allowed to screen patients, determine whether they can be given the Pfizer Covid pill known as Paxlovid, and then prescribe the medication based on their evaluation. Earlier, only physicians were able to prescribe this vital antiviral medication to COVID-19 patients, making it inaccessible to many who were in isolation or suffering from severe symptoms.

Now, many patients, even those with symptoms and those at home can walk into a pharmacy and request the medication which is known to help with many symptoms of the virus.

A patient takes a pill for COVID-19.

Why this is a necessary step to curb COVID-19

Despite vaccination efforts and a drop in infections and deaths overall, the numbers have been going up over the past few weeks. Paxlovid has been known to alleviate the worst effects of COVID-19, and though made available for free across the U.S. since December 2021, less than half of the approximately 4 million courses have been administered. The rapid approval and screening will make the medication a lot more accessible to patients who need it, allowing them to take it within 5 days of developing symptoms.

As COVID cases continue to rise, it's important to take precautions. You can get vaccines and boosters through many of the locations organized by the Miami-Dade Department of Health.

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