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3 of the biggest wins in Miami Heat history

Miami Heat history is pretty impressive, aside from being one of the most well-loved teams in the NBA it also has some of the most incredible wins to their credit

You don't have to be a Miami local to know that Miami Heat is undeniably one of the most incredible teams in any major league competition. The team may have had a few ups and downs during their career in the big leagues, but they’ve also had some jaw-dropping wins and victories that make it the successful team it is.

Let’s look back at some of their greatest victories and games in recent decades of Miami Heat history:

Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers 1996

Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers are both incredible teams with some amazing performances in the past several years, but there is one 1996 game, in particular, that was mind-boggling. The teams faced off at 74 points each, and only a few seconds were left on the clock.

It was intense, and everyone was at the edge of their seat, and there was no knowing what the outcome would be. Dan Majerle took his chance at the game-winning shot from behind the arcs. However, he missed. Everyone watching, and even the team, thought that this was the endgame and the match was over, till Voshon Lenard swooped in to catch it, and boy did he kill it.

That shot in Miami Heat history was gravity-defying and still boggles our minds to date, given that he didn’t have space--or time--to take a better angle or position and was blocked by the Cavaliers. But he took his chance, leapt up and made the shot just as the buzzer went off, and made history with a 76-74 win.

Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks 2006

In 2006, Miami Heat took on the Dallas Mavericks in another nail-biting game that took Miami Heat from a 15 point lag to a 96 point tie and then a shocking victory. Dwayne Wade, a star player for the team, was in the lead and more than likely to make a winning shot till he found himself blocked off and trapped in. Unlikely to make it, he then passed the ball to Gary Payton, who made the winning shot, bringing them to a victory with 98-96.

This game was a momentous one in Miami history because it boosted their morale all the way through their next 3 games and the first-ever NBA title for Miami Heat history.

A basketball going through the hoop for a winning point.

Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls 2008

As the Bulls and Heat went head to head in an intense game that was impossible to track and keep a hold of, with no obvious victory in sight, a surprising turn of events propelled the Heat to the finish line.

After getting the lead for just a bit, Wade blocked off the Bulls’ best player, Derrick Rose, who passed it to John Salmons. Salmons stumbled, and the ball was out of his hands when Wade swooshed up into the air, stole the ball and rushed down to his hoop.

He leapt at the 3-point line and made the basket just as the buzzer went off, ending in an epic 130 to 127 win in Miami Heat history.

There’s also an honorary mention for their incredible 27 game winning streak in 2013 and their more recent performance in the NBA play-ins and playoffs!

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