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The 5 Best Players in Miami Marlins History

Professional baseball is not everyone’s cup of tea. Players spend years training and going through tough selection processes to finally get to play. Even those who support these teams showcase a certain kind of loyalty that stays with them for life.

The Miami Marlins was formed as a professional baseball team in 1993. The team is a member of the National League and competes in Major League Baseball every season.

Here are some of the best Miami Marlins players who made history, taking the team to new heights and raising the playing field for professional baseball athletes. This served to change the face of professional baseball forever.

5. Miguel Cabrera (2003-2007)

If you are looking for fun things to do in Miami, perhaps you should look up the best players in Miami Marlins history. Cabrera’s performance in 2004 made him notably one of the best hitters in the field of professional baseball. He scored 33 home runs, 112 RBIs, and a batting average of 0.323 by 2005.

Cabrera’s career with the Miami Marlins ended in 2007. However, he is remembered to date as one of the best batters in professional baseball.

4. Hanley Ramirez (2006-2012)

Ramirez practically started his journey with the Miami Marlins, yet, soon became one of the most exciting and beloved Marlins players. His record of a 0.292 average, 51 steals, and 74 extra-base hits in 2006 earned him the title of National League Rookie of the Year.

This was not all. He had much more to offer. His power game kept increasing, and, unlike other players, his overall performance was not affected. His consistency was much loved by his team. Ramirez was soon offered a contract. He showed his gratitude by hitting a 0.342 and leading the National League.

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3. Dan Uggla (2006-2010)

Another rookie on the Marlins team, Uggla immediately started making good impressions when he started playing in 2006. He started out with a 0.282 batting average, hitting 27 home runs and 90 RBIs. Despite being an inconsistent player, Uggla’s passion for baseball could always be spotted on the field.

Uggla continued to make home runs and broke records until 2010, which was the end of his career with the Miami Marlins.

2. Giancarlo Stanton (2010-2017)

Giancarlo Stanton, also popularly known as Mike Stanton, was known to scare pitchers on the field. He was known for hitting in wide ballparks. Stanton was also known to have broken many records. His name was on the top 10 longest home runs list year after year.

Some of his notable hits were his 505-foot and 510-foot ones in Denver and Minnesota, respectively.

The MVP: Liván Hernández

A Miami Marlins favorite, Livan Hernandez came to the team simply because he needed to be able to live in Miami. In the 1997 World Series, Hernandez won Games 1 and 5, which were being played against the Cleveland Indians, along with many other victories which helped him achieve his goal, which was the World Series MVP trophy.

The Best Miami Marlins

The team has never failed to disappoint its fans, introducing many top players to the world of baseball. Several of the players listed above moved on to other teams where they broke even more records and showed off their mettle.

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