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The 4 Best Places to Learn an Instrument in Miami

Learn an instrument by heading over to these Miami-based businesses and for more exciting things to do in Miami!

We’ve got some great ideas and recommendations for music fans for what not to miss in Miami. From live gigs and performances to incredible places where you can actually go and learn an instrument to play your own music!

Whether you’re an adult or a teen or a parent looking for fun activities for your kids, there’s nothing better than picking up a musical instrument as a hobby or even as a skill.

Not sure where you can learn an instrument in Miami? Check out the following recommendations for music lessons and fun things to do in Miami:

Superior Academy of Music

Superior Academy of Music or SAM is an excellent teaching institute where students of various backgrounds and age groups can learn instruments including guitar, bass, and piano while participating in various recitals and group performances. It’s a great way to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and find a very structured, thorough learning experience. With different programs that have varying goals, you can choose what makes the most sense for your kids.

School of Rock Miami

While you might not get the chance to meet Jack Black and his uber-cool band here, the School of Rock in Miami has various programs and lessons for all levels, including what they call the Rookies program for kids aged 6-7 years, as well as lessons for adults aged 18 and up. They use rock instruments to teach students how to play, so it’s a very hands-on and somewhat genre-specific learning experience.

They also have an incredible in-house band where you can connect with other aspiring musicians and performers, so it’s a pretty cool, well-rounded option for anyone looking to play.

A closeup of a person’s hands as they play the piano during lessons.

Miami Fine Arts Academy

The piano is one of the most incredible instruments anyone can ever learn to play, and the Miami Fine Arts Academy does a fantastic job of teaching and empowering students. They have music lessons for piano, guitar, violin, and drums in addition to vocal lessons and classes for adults, allowing you to choose from a wide range of options. It’s a great place to head to as a beginner because of the supportive environment, great lesson structure, and more.

Wynwood School of Music

There’s no shortage of learning opportunities for adults in Miami too, and the Wynwood School of Music provides an exciting opportunity to pick up on some great new skills. Sharing their love for music with Miamians, they’re bringing you some great lessons and programs that are suitable for adults and students of different ages and experience levels. They also host live shows and events to show off what you learn during your time here!

There’s no better time than now to start a new hobby or skill. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, your previous musical expertise or experience, or what instrument you want to play. These places are there to help you get more comfortable and learn along the way.

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