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3 Live music spots everyone visiting Miami needs to check out

Picture this: you’re enjoying a Miami sunset, enjoying a delicious burger, or maybe some soft-serve ice cream, the ocean breeze is heavy and dreamy, and the air is filled with the live music and the soft strum of a guitar.

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? 

Miami is brimming with all sorts of cultural events and happenings, including musical performances. This multi-cultural city is not only home to dozens of concerts each year, but it also gives space to local artists and musicians to share their talents. You could walk through the streets of Calle Ocho, maybe take one of many Little Havana Tours or stroll through Miami Beach and catch a performance or two!

However, to catch these mini-concerts live you need to know their whereabouts. Don’t miss out on these live music spots in the gorgeous city of Miami, because they’re worth it. 

Lagniappe House 

Nothing pairs better than live New Orleans-style jazz and fine wine under the canopy of trees swaying in the summer breeze and lights twinkling among the leaves. If you’re looking for something out of a fairytale, you’ll love Lagniappe House in Miami. The live music nights here are someof the best experiences for vacationers . What makes it better is that the variety of cheeses and fresh BBQ off the grill to fill your plate while the soulful music satiates your soul. It’s a lovely place to be with your partner, so make sure you stop by. 

New World Center 

How can you not visit Miami’s orchestral academy at the New World Symphony? Before we go on to describe the music, let us take a moment to appreciate the architectural masterpiece that this venue is. The New World Center was designed by Frank Gehry and since its opening has become the performance venue for Wallcast concerts. But if you’re more in the mood to enjoy live music under the stars with a picnic spread, feel free to attend the symphony’s show in the open green spaces. 

Adrienne Arsht Center 

Are you ready to hit Downtown Miami for a taste of live local music? You can enjoy an evening in the heart of orchestras with popular musicians, symphonies, and if you’re lucky, Broadway performers too! 

The Florida Grand Opera often hosts touring Broadway productions so if they’re making a stop in Miami while you’re there, you’ll have something to brag about to your friends too. The Adrienne Arsht Center is the hub of a variety of performing arts and has organized Don Giovanni, Fiddler on the Roof and the Miami Symphony Orchestra very recently. If you’re a sucker for cultural music, this place is for you. 

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