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Lincoln Marti daycare paying millions to the parents of Tayvon Tomlin due to negligence in 2022

Parents of Tayvon Tomlin, the baby who died at Homestead daycare have won their lawsuit

Attorneys for the family of 9-month-old Tayvon Tomlin revealed Monday afternoon that they had reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the proprietors of a Homestead daycare. The infant passed while in the hands of the daycare staff in July of last year.

What happened to baby Tayvon Tomlin?

Tayvon was discovered unresponsive in his cot on July 18 at Lincoln Marti Schools daycare in Homestead. He was immediately evacuated to HCA Florida Kendall Hospital, where he was later declared dead. A lawsuit against Lincoln Marti Schools was announced in October by Keiara Whorley and Devonte Tomlin, Tayvon's parents, over the baby's death.

The parents of the baby have accused the daycare of being incompetent, poorly trained, and insufficiently staffed. After reaching a deal with Lincoln Marti, Tayvon's parents will earn $5 million, according to attorney Michael Levine.

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About the homestead daycare’s negligence

Through a press statement from the legal firm Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain, Lincoln Marti confessed that they had knowingly disregarded Florida's minimum staff-to-child ratio. Attorneys for the family claim that CCTV footage proves the infants were left unsupervised for 45 minutes.

The $5 million award is $2 million higher than the insurance coverage held by Lincoln Marti. On Tuesday, attorneys for Whorley and Tomlin will conduct a press conference to discuss the terms of the settlement.

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