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Baby Tayvon Tomlin's family has decided to sue Lincoln Martí Daycare in Miami-Dade

Months after 9-month-old Tayvon Tomlin's death, his family has filed a lawsuit against Lincoln-Marti Daycare

In July, a 9-month-old baby, Tayvon Tomlin, was found dead in his daycare, Lincoln Marti Daycare. After 3 months, the baby's family has decided to sue the daycare.

Here's more information about the incident in Lincoln Martí Daycare

What happened?

In July, baby Tayvon Tomlin was found unresponsive in the Lincoln Marti Daycare center. The staff tried rubbing the baby's back to make him respond, but unfortunately, the child was pronounced dead after a few moments.

Tayvon’s family was informed about the incident hours later.

The lawsuit against Lincoln-Marti Daycare

A daycare center

In a complaint, Tayvon Tomlin's family accused the Lincoln Marti Community Agency and its employees of carelessness, claiming there weren't enough staff members, and those there lacked training, and left kids unsupervised. The lawsuit was filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

The family’s attorney released footage of this saddening incident. The attorney stated that the staff wasn’t properly trained to perform CPR. According to Tayvon's family, the video clearly shows that the baby didn't receive the required medical assistance.

In the footage, it’s also shown that Tayvon’s 4-year-old brother witnessed this incident while the staff tended to the baby. This has left the 4-year-old traumatized.

The family also stated that they were unaware of how their baby died and wanted answers to their questions.

According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, one childcare personnel shouldn't manage more than 4 children at a time. In addition, if an incident occurs, the daycare center must document it on the same day and share it with the parents immediately.

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