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Countries excluded from the Summit of the Americas deemed it pointless

Mexican Presidents Lopez Obrador sits out in protest after three prominent Latin American countries were not invited to the Summit of the Americas

The US barred Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua from the Ninth Summit of the Americas held from June 6th to 10th in Los Angeles, CA. This pushed Mexico's president to do what he had warned to do: drop out of the Summit of the Americas.

Here are more details from the Summit of the Americas:

Why this is concerning for the U.S.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the president of Mexico, and a few other leaders are boycotting the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. This decision will affect the summit's significance and take a huge hit on the U.S., which wanted to deal with migration and economic problems in the region.

If Vice President Joe Biden hopes to restore the good relations (that were lost under his Republican predecessor Donald Trump) between the United States and Latin America, he must address these challenges. Regaining U.S. dominance and resisting China's incursions are key objectives for the Democrat Party.

The White House surrounded by trees.

Possible reasons behind the decision

Conservatives as well as a few Democratic colleagues, lobbied hard for the decision to exclude the three most prominent leftist antagonists in Latin America. The November elections, which will determine the balance of power in the United States Congress, may have played a role in the decision.

President Trump's strong tactics against Cuba and Venezuela have been well-received by the substantial Cuban-American community in Miami. Florida's Democratic-controlled legislature views the city as an attractive vote bloc.

According to President Lopez Obrador, "There can't be a Summit of the Americas if not all countries of the American continent are taking part."

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard will represent Mexico in the absence of President Lopez Obrador. The White House confirmed that Biden would meet with the Mexican president in Washington, DC, next month.

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