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Summer Jobs for Miami’s Youth

Hands-on-work Experience for Miami’s Youth

Our youth's professional background is highly benefited when they are able to put their knowledge in action by doing something, rather than just reading about it. Currently, the "Miami Summer Jobs Connect Program" continues to rely on the benefits of hands-on-work-experience, and begins its 8th year, providing a route for economic self-sufficiency to disadvantaged neighborhoods. 

This year's activities are already on track from June 21 through August 6, offering participants career skills needed to achieve long-term success in their future professional endeavors. 

Partners in the Summer Jobs Connect Program  

The Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund), Citi Foundation, the Miami Police Department, and the Overtown Youth Center support this extraordinary program. Together, they are working to provide Miami's youth with financial and educational tools to stay on track towards achieving their career aspirations. 

Miami's Mayor Francis Suarez referred to the importance of offering youth with "hands-on work experience" to manage finance while earning a real income. The Summer Job connect program has obtained eight years of tangible results, such as 1.250 Miami youth placed in summer jobs and more than 2.9 million dollars paid in wages. 

What's new for the 2021 Edition of Summer Job Connect?

For this year's edition, 325 local youth (ages 16 to 19) can earn up to $1,300 and sharpen their essential job skills. Also, the program offers the possibility to join in one of the following three job tracks: 

  • Civic Engagement.
  • Entrepreneurship Summer Accelerator 
  • Hands-on Work Experience. 

Participants at the summer jobs program 2021 also receive an integrated financial literacy curriculum that teaches the importance of personal finance, making knowledgeable financial decisions and savings strategies. 

4 Summer Jobs to Choose From 

If you are in college, consider these alternatives:

  1. Find an internship if it's paid great! But, if not, this alternative could get you in contact with a potential employer, and also you could gain valuable work experience.
  2. Become certified in a new skill. Many affordable options do not require much time and can provide you with the current in-demand skills in the market. 
  3. Try remote freelance work. The pandemic has delivered the opportunity to work from our house.
  4. Start a blog. 

A summer job can be an excellent opportunity of professional growth! For more information about the City of Miami ‘s Summer Job Program visit

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