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Stronger Joints Through Daily Strengthening and Conditioning

Exercise for stronger joints is one of the most underrated ways to improve joint health

Stronger joints mean a healthier you. Your body needs movement and exercise to stay healthy, fit, and active and keep your joints and tendons healthy and strong in the long run. In addition to getting in some low-impact cardio a few times a week, here are several exercises for stronger joints that will help you stay fit and active and keep your joints supple, especially as you get older. 

Here are some daily strengthening exercises that you can do to achieve that and stay healthy and active:

Add different planks to your routine

Forearm planks, standard planks, side planks--this exercise is one of the toughest and most fantastic options for strengthening your joints and your core. Planks are one of the most effective strengthening and conditioning exercises that you can do, getting a great stretch in the process. Give your body time to adapt and get stronger, working on adding up the time. Start off with 10-20 second planks, increasing your time and reps. 3 20-second planks would mean 1 full minute, but over time you’ll be able to do a minute at full stretch.

Squat for stronger legs and glutes

Squats aren’t just for building a booty; they’re quintessential to building stronger joints too. Squat for stronger legs, glutes, hamstrings, and more supple knee joints. They work your lower body in multiple ways, including conditioning the knees, strengthening the core, and a lot more benefits that you definitely need to know more about. Another benefit of squats is that they specifically focus on the knees and hips, making them an excellent exercise to add to your routine at any given time. Again, speed doesn’t matter, as long as you’re doing as many reps as you’re comfortable in, just be sure to focus on the correct form and posture.

A person stretches sideways while extending their body.

Lunge often and in different ways

Speaking of lower body strength, lunges are another excellent exercise that you definitely need to incorporate into your routine. You don’t have to go deep or form a perfect 90-degree angle, but the range of motion and the movement itself are very beneficial. You get stronger and more flexible, opening your hips, knees, and strengthening your core simultaneously. Lunges work most of your lower body and give your knees some much-needed conditioning to get your joints working. You can find variations that work for you, including doing a half-lunge, or placing one knee on the ground, a reverse lunge, walking lunges, stationary lunges, or the classic version. Plenty of options!

Try variations of pushups for strength

Pushups are another great foundational movement to work on. You can work on standard pushups, tricep pushups, wall pushups, incline pushups or knee pushups to strengthen your upper body. They work your shoulders, elbows, and wrists, as well as your core—nothing better than them to make you stronger and fitter on the whole.

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