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Shooting in a strip club leaves two people injured

A shooting incident has occurred in a strip club in Miami Dade, adding to the rising crime rate in the area

Two men have been reported to be injured in a shooting incident in Diva’s Gentlemen’s Club, a strip club in Miami Dade, early Sunday.

The police were called immediately after people on the crime scene sat the strip club heard gunshots.

The shooting incident

The police are investigate the shooting that took place on Thursday.

On Sunday, two women inside Diva’s Gentlemen’s Club claimed they heard gunshots. However, they were unsure if those shots came from outside the club or inside.

When Miami-Dade’s police arrived, they found two injured men at the crime scene. One of the victims was airlifted to get immediate medical conditions addressed, while the second managed to drive to the hospital.

Luckily, both the victims are in stable condition and at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center. The roads around the strip club were sealed for a couple of hours due to the shooting and reopened at 7 in the morning.

Miami-Dade’s officials are investigating this incident, trying to find the culprit. An Instagram user also shared footage of men in Diva’s Gentlemen’s Club when they heard the gunshots.

Miami Dade’s crime scene

There has been a concerning rise in crimes in Miami Dade with reports of shooting, rape, homicide, or vandalism, coming from the area every other week. Just last week, on September 19, a fatal shooting was reported in the morning around the area of 18th Avenue and Northwest 69th Street, wounding a man.

Two weeks ago, an elderly woman was killed during a drive-by shooting in Miami Dade. In addition, hate crimes have also been on the rise. Just a few weeks back; an elderly woman was shot in the head by a drive by shooter.

Miami Dade’s officials have been looking into these investigations and have found leads for some of them.

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