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Multiple vehicles vandalized and broken into across 3 Miami-Dade neighborhoods

Several vehicles vandalized in several neighborhoods neighborhoods across Miami-Dade County

Over the weekend, three neighborhoods in Miami-Dade were struck by unknown suspect(s) who vandalized dozens of vehicles. Law enforcement is investigating this crime and trying to identify who the culprits are.

They struck the neighborhoods of Golfwood, Golden Lakes, and Portofino, which are all within a few miles of each other, and many residents in these neighborhoods were unaware of the incident till the damage was done.

Here are some details related to the multiple vehicles vandalized incidents:

How the victims discovered the vehicles vandalized 

Many of the victims were unaware that their cars had been vandalized and broken into. The extent of damages and monetary losses has varied for the owners, with many being only left behind with the damages to cover. Others, however, lost valuable items that were stolen out of their cars.

Many discovered their cars were broken into when neighbors or authorities alerted them because the suspects moved very quickly from one location to the next. At least a few dozen cars have been damaged and vandalized so far.

A broken car window photographed from the inside of the car.

Details that we know about the crime and what’s missing

Suspect IDs and profiles have yet to be released by the police as they look through surveillance footage and evidence to help identify who could be behind these vehicles vandalized and what the motivation is. Breaking into multiple cars during a major public holiday, when most residents are home, is far too risky to do for a few hundred dollars worth of stolen goods.

Grand theft auto and related crimes are on the rise in Miami-Dade, and residents must stay vigilant.

Anyone with any leads or information can contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS and share information with them.

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