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Safety tips for lobster season from the Miami-Dade County Parks department

Lobster season in Miami calls for proper safety protocols and pre-planning

Lobster-enthusiasts get ready: the end of July officially kicks off lobster season in Miami. Florida has two lobster seasons: a two-day mini season and a regular 8-month season. The last Wednesday and Thursday of July mark the mini lobster season, which will be on July 27 and 28 this year. While the regular season always happens from August 26 till March 31.

About Mini Lobster Season in Miami

Many years ago, the State of Florida organized a short sportsman season during which lobster-hunters can catch lobsters before commercial season begins. Today, diving and snorkeling enthusiasts around the world call this time of year the “Mini Lobster Season”.

The Mini Lobster Season has been rescheduled several times over the years based on lobster stock changes. This season lasts 48 hours and ends when the regular season reopens from August 6.

A lobster caught in a trap.

Boaters should take proper safety measures

Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, known for hosting various events and activities, has outlined a few measures so marina patrons can stay safe while they go lobster-hunting. Boaters should ensure they are equipped with life vests and safety gear, their boat lights are working, and their dive flags are always up. Before heading out in the water, they should also go through the boating rules and guidelines.

Boaters can receive updates on unsafe weather, ramp closures and openings, and other issues by signing up for Miami-Dade Marina text and email alerts. Visit the Miami-Dade Marina’s website for locations and more details.

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