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Starbucks soon available on Calle Ocho in Little Havana

Starbucks is coming to Calle Ocho, and locals are incredibly excited!

If you live in Little Havana, some incredibly exciting news is coming your way! Starbucks is finally launching a franchise on Calle Ocho and is expected to open its doors toward the tail end of the year.

Here’s what we know so far about this exciting new venture:

All you need to know about Starbucks on Calle Ocho

Starbucks is a global chain known for its caffeine products and hundreds of beverages, with hundreds of franchises across the globe. Their arrival in the small, culturally rich, and vibrant urban neighborhood of Little Havana can be taken as a positive change or seen as a threat if you’re skeptical enough.

While it is a welcome new addition for some, it does have the potential to disrupt local culture and community, which is why they’ve been particularly cautious with their approach.

In fact, the global caffeine expert has issued a statement saying that they have been sure to include local artists and members of the community to help set up the store. From hiring to design and the culture, they’ve gone above and beyond to keep the authenticity of Little Havana intact.

Two young people smile and laugh outside a Starbucks.

Exclusive statement for Calle Ocho News

Calle Ocho News had the incredible opportunity to speak to some of the representatives associated with the franchise and get a comment about their wonderful new venture in our neighborhood.

They issued the following statement exclusively for our Calle Ocho News:

“Starbucks could not be more excited to join the Little Havana community later this year. We’re engaging a diverse group of neighborhood artists, officials, and community members to influence the design, atmosphere, and local hiring of this store to ensure that Starbucks is honoring the soul of this unique community. We look forward to serving as an added gathering place for the community for years to come as well as sharing strong connections both inside and outside our store.” --Jay Guasch, Starbucks Media Relations.

We’re excited to get our caffeine fix and fuel ourselves as we bring you more amazing content!

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