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Calle Ocho your Street of Dreams calling ALL locals

Rosi Rosell Calle Ocho News

Calle Ocho our Street of Dreams is open for business and wants locals to visit so they can explore their own backyard.

As a local, I can tell you from experience that Calle Ocho aims to please.  In the last few months of 2019, I was asked to be part of a new television series by Marcus Lemonis of “The Profit” (A Netflix series). The new series is called Streets of Dreams and its focus is on popular streets in the United States that have a big story to tell. It will be airing on CNBC sometime late 2020.  Seeing someone like him, appreciate our "Street of Dreams"(Calle Ocho) something many locals in Miami take for granted, is always a pleasing thing for me because I too, was one of them.

Being grateful for everything in your life and community, is probably the best thing you can do for your health. Therefore, I aim to highlight Calle Ocho, our very own “Street of Dreams”, that I now appreciate more than ever. Calle Ocho was the Street of Dreams chosen in the whole state of Florida by producers Zero Point Zero.  To you locals, that go traveling to other places seeking adventures, I can tell you that you can find adventure by starting to explore your own back yard, if you have not done so already. 

Why Calle Ocho?

Calle Ocho is where all Hispanic cultures come together in Miami within a 3-block radius.  As a local, you can benefit from a virtual tour by any of our famous local guides.  Whether you choose Paul George, Corinna Moebius, Anneliese Morales, Grace of Miami Culinary Tours, Christine Michaels from Little Havana Walking Tour and many more, you are in good hands.

The relationship between locals and the Calle Ocho businesses was a good one even before Covid-19 but we want to do our part in making that relationship better.  If we could accomplish just that it would be one of the great things that comes from this pandemic.

As a local I am greatly appreciative of what I find when I visit Calle Ocho.  Not only is this part of town “My Office” but it is also my escape from my office desk. I say this because when I go take a stroll down “THE STRIP”, I feel like I am on vacation. There is always something new to see. 

If I want a freshly squeezed fruit juice, I go see my friend Guillermina at Los Pinareños. If I want a burger, I go to Jesus Daza of Ocho Burger.

If I were to get asked out on a fancy date and they want to know where I want to go on Calle Ocho, I would say Café La Trova, or Saláo. Business meetings are always a plus at Mofongo restaurant.

If I want something sweet, I visit Suzanne Battle of Azúcar, or Danny Lopez of Churromania in Little Havana.

If I need some island clothing, guayaberas, panama hats, and domino sets I go to Fidel of The Havana Collection.

Redefining Calle Ocho so it means more to locals than tourists is what we call looking ahead.  If we do not move forward, we are standing still and there is no growth in that.

rosi rosell calle ocho news coffee - Calle Ocho your Street of Dreams calling ALL locals

It is in these critical moments we create lasting memories as a community.  When we appreciate what we have in our own backyard, it gives us an opportunity to give back to our community and we benefit from the effects of being grateful and appreciative.

Calle Ocho is a place that embodies history and roots that run so deep you really need to pull up a chair and have some “Cafecito” to hear about it.  One of its stakeholders Bill Fuller of The Barlington Group and Mad House Hospitality has everything to do with why its old school character is still intact. By keeping corporate giants like Starbucks out and maintaining the “VENTANITA” culture he does his part in not selling or renting to the highest bidder.

This passion and perseverance are found on every corner and coffee shop, every art gallery you visit, and every cigar shop you venture into.

It turns mom and pop businesses into family you visit periodically.

I invite you to look forward to a brilliant tomorrow of movie watching at Tower Theatre, or history telling while strolling down Cuban Memorial Boulevard.  We welcome all with open arms in the place you can call home and right in your own backyard known as Calle Ocho, so see you around at the Domino Park, for some domino playing, very soon.

Let us grow and thrive together!

Rosi Rosell
Editor in Chief

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Calle Ocho needs you!

Calle Ocho risks losing many businesses as well as its appeal if the government does not allow for expanded outdoor seating by using parking lanes and closing streets.

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