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Any private development at Tropical Park is opposed by Commissioner Souto

Javier D. Souto, Commissioner District 10, opposes John H. Ruiz's plans for UM Stadium at Tropical Park

What is the new private development at Tropical Park?

Javier DSouto, the commissioner representing District 10, strongly opposes John H. Ruiz's plans to construct a stadium construction at Tropical Park. He released a statement on Wednesday opposing the private development.

Ruiz, who supports University of Miami athletics, announced his plan to construct a new stadium for the Hurricanes in December 2021. He recently revealed the long-anticipated Tropical Park football stadium would have an open area on the southeast side with stands that would have the capacity to seat 60000 spectators. The structure would include a retractable roof and plenty of other amenities. The air-conditioned stadium will also have VIP boxes.

How has the commissioner reacted to the development?

Commissioner Souto said that "strange forces" are attempting to seize control of the historical park to construct a large football stadium. He vehemently opposed any attempt to change the layout of the park and said that any private development at the Tropical Park would not improve but destroy the park for the residents of Miami-Dade County.

Tropical Park has historically been a focal point for the community. From Miller road to Bird road, the urban park is a place where families come to host events, enjoy a nice picnic with a lake view, or play sports. Souto says that adding a football stadium to the park is not the right choice for the community.

Ruiz continues to defend his plans for the park on Twitter, insisting that the improvements will "not destroy but revitalize the park."

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