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The LifeWallet Park UM football stadium with 60,000 seats is on it’s way thanks to the “Ruiz clan”

Johnny Ruiz which is the eldest of the 3 kids that make up the “Ruiz clan” has released designs for the long awaited and planned Tropical Park football stadium

The head of the ”Ruiz clan” is John H. Ruiz, a business billionaire and University of Miami alumni, who seeks to establish a new place in Southwest Miami-Dade at Tropical Park off Bird Road for the University of Miami football team. Then we have Alex Ruiz - Chief Executive Officer of Cigarette Racing, Cristy Ruiz - Chief Marketing Officer of Cigarette Racing, and last but not least there is, Johnny Ruiz - Chief Operations Officer of Cigarette Racing and also the one mostly involved with the anxiously awaited UM football stadium.

About the UM football stadium

The stadium would include a floating scoreboard, air conditioning, 60,000 seats approx., a retractable roof, luxurious suites, and other amenities. Ruiz is working with HKS Architecture, who also designed and built SoFiStadium in California and AT&T Stadium in Texas. According to Ruiz, the floating scoreboard at Tropical Park UM football stadium will be similar to the scoreboard at SoFi Stadium.

The Miami Hurricanes football team has been playing football at Hard Rock Stadium since leaving the Orange Bowl in 2008. It is located about 20 miles from the Coral Gables campus of the Canes. According to Ruiz, the distance from the university to the UM football stadium would be almost 3 miles which makes Tropical Park an excellent location.

These are only the initial drawings of the stadium, according to Ruiz, so that people may have a sense of the overall design.

In recent tweets John H. Ruiz has shared details of what he and the “Ruiz clan” want the future LifeWallet Park to be aside from being home to the University of Miami Hurricanes football team. Rumors abound that the UM football stadium will be enclosed, it will have 4 jumbo screens on all 4 sides equipped with biometric technology, a temperature controlled retractable roof, high-end suites, water views behind the end zone, and indoor palm trees. But that is just a sneak peak of what is to come.

Rendering of UM football stadium

Who will fund the stadium?

Ruiz said that the stadium would be privately funded and not need any government funds when questioned about the process of turning it into a reality. Also, the purchasing of the land in this situation would have to be made with Miami-Dade County and not the City of Miami. The procedure would be quite comparable to the one used to create Freedom Park, which was recently passed by the voters. Ruiz stated, "if we followed their example, our method would probably be similar."

Regarding a completion date, Ruiz tweeted that the UM football stadium project may be finished by 2025, but he guaranteed that there would be much more information soon.

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