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Shakira shades her ex and wants a wall between her and her in-laws

Spanish pop sensation Shakira’s latest release is a jab at the many controversies she’s facing

Singer, humanitarian, and firm believer in the truthfulness of hips, Shakira has just released a fierce new song in which she mocks her ex-partner Gerard Piqué. In only 24 hours, the song has racked up over 63 million views on YouTube, making it the most-viewed new Latin music in YouTube history. The song contains several clever jabs at the singer’s football player ex and also addresses other controversies she has faced over the past few years.

Shakira, who has already expressed a desire to go to Miami, is instead staying in Barcelona and is currently neighbors with the parents of her ex. At the time of the release of her most recent single, "BZRP Music Sessions #53," Shakira was also living next door to Pique's parents.

Many disagreements between Shakira and her ex in-laws, particularly Pique's mother Montserrat Bernabeu, have come up in the days since the song's release.

Shakira constructs a wall to keep Pique's parents out

Now that the two homes are joined in some places despite being independent of one another, it appears that the musician is building a wall to properly divide them.

As Shakira is erecting a wall around her home, TV cameras caught a cement mixer at work.

More on Shakira’s relationship and latest song

After being together for almost a decade and having two children, Shakira and Piqué, a former football player for Barcelona, Manchester United, and the Spanish national team split up last year. The 35-year-old retired center-back is currently dating 23-year-old Clara Chá.

“BZRP Music Session #53”, an upbeat post-break-up number, is a collaboration between Shakira and Argentine DJ Bizarrap. In the song, Shakira makes light of her in-laws, the press, and the fact that she is still having issues with the Spanish tax authorities, who allege she owes them €14.5 million that she never paid.

Shakira the singer waving a colorful cloth in the air

Brazilian singer suspects plagiarism

With over 121 million views, the song has broken records and is the most popular new Latin pop song in YouTube's history, sparking attention worldwide.

Briella, a singer from Venezuela, heard the song as well and drew comparisons to her own song "Solo Tú", which was published in June of last year. She tweeted excerpts of both songs and invited her fans to compare and contrast them. While Briella admitted that she liked Shakira and Bizarrap's music, she insisted that she should be given credit for her own prior work because it had served as an "inspiration" for the song.

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