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Proponents have high hopes for recreational marijuana being legalized in Florida

Florida gets one step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana

In Florida, a constitutional proposal to make recreational marijuana use lawful has cleared a key legal obstacle and is headed for the ballot. The number of signatures the amendment's supporters presented was sufficient to warrant a review by the Florida Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court will review the proposal's language to ensure it focuses on a single issue and does not confuse voters. In 2021, two ballot initiatives sought to legalize recreational marijuana usage and were subsequently struck down by the courts. Proponents have hope that this time the amendment will be accepted.

The first hurdle to legalizing recreational marijuana in Florida

According to the Florida Division of Elections website, the "Smart & Safe Florida" political organization has filed 294,037 valid signatures on a petition, with funding from the multistate marijuana operator Trulieve. To have the court examine the proposed language of the proposal, at least 222,898 signatures are needed.

The biggest medical marijuana company in Florida, Trulieve, has donated $20 million of the total raised so far. By the end of the year, the group had invested nearly $19 million, virtually all of it on petition collection and validation.

Marijuana in a pair of hands

What happens if recreational marijuana is legalized?

The proposal, known as "Adult Personal Use of Marijuana," would legalize the possession, purchase, and non-medical use of cannabis and related accessories by anyone over the age of 21. Under the proposed legislation, any business in the state legally permitted to provide medical marijuana would be able to purchase, grow, process, produce, sell, and distribute all medicinal marijuana goods and accessories.

There are currently 22 businesses in Florida that have been granted permission to operate legally. However, it's noteworthy that the proposition will not legalize the home cultivation of marijuana.

What's your take on legalizing recreational marijuana? Will it do more good than bad? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Most people believe smoking marijuana at home is bad. How can it be so bad, when you are home ? Why is so bad to others that have no clue about it? The only disturbance that comes with marijuana is not having the right to enjoy it freely. Being judged for wanting to relax is highly common. Paranoia comes with marijuana when you think you have to worry about being criminalized for it. Legalizing medical marijuana, is not different then legalizing recreational. There is always a way to let people live without destruction. Judging is the most destructive factor today.