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The former executive of Presidente Supermarket charged with a life sentence

Presidente Supermarket’s former executive found guilty of murdering ex-wife’s lover

In March, the former executive of Presidente Supermarket was convicted of plotting the murder of his ex-wife’s lover. He was charged with a life sentence for kidnapping and murdering Camilo Salazar.

Miguel de la O, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge, read the number of sentences for Manuel Marin that will keep him in prison for the rest of his life.

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The victim’s friends and family accompanied his widow

Camilo Salazar’s widow, friends, and family listened to the circuit judge from courtroom benches as he read the list of sentences. Manual Marin, 69 years old, was convicted of three crimes, namely 30 years for manslaughter with a mass weapon, plotting kidnap, 50 years, and a life sentence for kidnapping.

Salazar’s montage played on the screen before the judge read off the sentences. His family members addressed the court, whereas Marin, wearing an orange prison uniform, was handcuffed and sitting at the defense table.

When addressing the court, Daisy Holcomb, Salazar’s widow, said they “didn’t get a chance to say goodbye” and her husband was “taken away too soon.” The judge told the grieving widow and family that he understood the gravity of loss and that no punishment he imposed could make this right.

Crime scene signage

Defendant’s attorney intends to appeal

Jose Quinon, Marin’s attorney, said that they intend to appeal the case, but due to a lack of resources, he would be assigned a public defender.

Marin fled South Africa following the crime. He was found guilty after over a decade when Salazar’s body was found disfigured, tortured, and burned in West Miami-Dade. The victim had been in an 11-year-long affair with Marin’s wife, Jenny Marin.

Prosecutors initially sought a 2nd-degree murder charge. They maintained that Marin was behind the kidnap and murder plot though witnesses couldn’t place him at the scene. A gang member of Latin Kings and Mixed Martial Arts fighters carried out the crime.

The star witness Gandulla and Roberto Isaac kidnapped the victim. Marin met the duo in a west field where Salazar was killed. Ariel “The Panther” Gandulla left before Salazar was killed and only learned about it later.

Marin left after the murder and became a fugitive. Before turning himself in to the FBI, he was in prison for five years, according to Jenny Marin. She told the court about meeting him with his two children in Cuba. Gandulla was sentenced to three years in prison for his testimony, whereas Vila Perdomo, who organized the crime through a cellphone, and Isaac were also convicted for being part of the crime.

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