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Florida man murders grandmother and calls housekeeper to clean up the mess

The murder victim had already asked to be protected from her violent grandson

On Wednesday afternoon in Naples, Florida, a housekeeper allegedly witnessed a murder and later assisted police in catching a suspect. Florida authorities say a 34-year-old man murdered his grandmother and then asked his housekeeper to help clean up the scene. Anthony Michael Corrado killed his 82-year-old grandmother after beating her with a hammer and brutally assaulted his 79-year-old grandpa.

More details on the gruesome story below.

Overview of the crime scene

According to the investigation, at about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Corrado had a cleaner come to his 16th Street Northeast home. Corrado was covered in blood stains when he showed the housekeeper to the bedroom where the victim's body was. The scared housekeeper slipped out of the house, saying she had to grab some cleaning materials from her car. She then drove off, spotted a passing CCSO deputy, and waved him down.

Deputy sheriffs rushed to the home and discovered a deceased woman inside. Another male victim was discovered with significant head injuries in a different room, wrapped under a blanket. He was taken to the hospital in a medical helicopter.

The bloodied head of a hammer was found on a kitchen counter. Inside the house, blood could be found all over the walls and floor. Corrado was found by the deputies outside the house. He was covered in blood. After more inquiry, Corrado was taken into custody and lodged in the Collier County lockup.

A person measuring a hammer

Victims had asked for protection against Corrado

Anthony and Mary Schiavone, the two people who were murdered, are listed as the property's owners in official documents. According to the investigation, Corrado and the victims were acquainted. In 2018, Mary Schiavone obtained a restraining order against Corrado, according to court documents in Collier County. Corrado was freed from jail last year.  

Naples resident Anthony Michael Corrado is accused of second-degree murder and aggravated violence on a person 65 or older. The brutal crime's motivation remains unknown, according to police.

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