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Man faces attempted murder and 2 arson charges in less than one month

Amos Servants, 45, set a Honda Accord on fire after an argument with a car dealership employee totaling 2 arson charges

Amos Servants, a 45-year-old man, is facing first and second-degree arson, along with attempted murder, for two separate incidents after being arrested on Sunday, according to Miami-Dade police.

Servants set a pump on fire at a gas station in Miami and set a car on fire at a car dealership. Both incidents were captured on camera.

Servants set a car on fire at a car dealership

On November 24, Amos Servants was caught on surveillance camera while setting a vehicle on fire at RPM Miami, a car dealership located at 2990 Northwest 27th Avenue.

According to the arrest report, the captured footage showed Servants casually walking, pouring a clear ignitable liquid on the car, and setting it alight. The Honda Accord, approximately worth $25,000, was destroyed in the fire.

a gas pump

Servants shows a pattern of arson offenses

On December 12, Servants set a Chevron gas station at 4100 NW on fire, t his was his first arson charge in the same month.

The arrest report states that Servants was asking for money from a passersby and people going to the station. When he was asked to leave by an employee, Servants refused. The employee is said to have headed inside the station and grabbed a pole and a glass of water, after which he asked Servants to leave the premises, or the cops would be called.

According to the employee, this made Servants very irritable, and as he started to approach, the employee splashed him with water.

This made Servants storm off, but after a few minutes, he returned and set one of the gas pumps at the station alight. The employees turned off the emergency switch and put out the fire before police and rescue arrived.

Servants was arrested for arson and booked into jail. It’s unclear if he has an attorney. During his court appearance, the judge stated that Servants had told the police that he used alcohol instead of gasoline to send a message without much damage.

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