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4 ways to prepare your home for storm season in South Florida

Prepare for storm season and the upcoming wild weather with these tips and recommendations

Storm season in Florida is when you can expect tons of thunderstorms, hurricanes, and intense rainfall that can damage property and business and interfere with your day-to-day life if you’re not prepared.

In addition to personal protection and safety measures, it’s also important to prepare your home and keep it safe. Here are some essential methods to achieve that:

Check all the trees in your yards for rot and damage

Many tall and/or old trees that otherwise beautify your yards and homes can actually be a hazard during hurricanes and storm season. That doesn’t mean you chop and replant new trees each year; just check them for rot and damage ahead of the season to ensure that they won’t fall, damage power lines, or fly away. If you notice signs of rot, have them cut down or handled professionally, or at the very least trimmed.

Grab sandbags to limit urban flooding in your home

Local authorities tend to offer sandbags ahead of time so homeowners can get them ready for their entryways and flooding points. Urban flooding is common in ground-floor homes or multi-storey properties, and sandbags are an inexpensive and effective way to prevent water from seeping.

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Replenish and refresh your hurricane emergency kit

Your hurricane emergency kit is essential to replenish and refresh before the storm. Flashlights, backup batteries, power banks, emergency burner phones, non-perishable food items, and medicines are some of the most basic things you’ll need. Additionally, you should have access to clean, dry clothes, some blankets, toilet paper, and other essentials that will get you through the storm. You could be stuck inside for days, so buy enough to last you and your family for a week.

Stock up on drinking and personal use water ahead

Water is something else that you really need to stock up on during storm season. Get a few gallons of drinking water a few weeks before storm season, store them in a cool, dark, dry place where it’s accessible and avoid rushing to buy water last minute. Additionally, fill up buckets, tubs, and tanks at home with enough water for a week too. Do this responsibly and avoid storing excess water; skip a few showers if you need to, but only fill up as much water as you need for bodily functions.

Secure your doors, windows, roof, and walls against leaks

Your doors, windows, roof, and walls are all vulnerable to leaks, breakage, and damage in the ferocious winds. Get roof clips, check for missing slats, ensure that your windows are secure, there are no leaks and cracks, and consult with companies like Stellar Public Adjuster, that offer hurricane protection services and more.

The more proactive you are with hurricane preparedness, the less risk your home will be at. Make sure your home is prepared ahead of time for storm season with these simple measures and save more in the long run.

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