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PGT Innovations hiring 150 new employees throughout Florida

PGT Innovations

As hurricane season approaches, PGT Innovations, a window and door manufacturer, is seeking 150 new additions to its team throughout North Venice, Hialeah, Miami and Tampa. The largest manufacturer of impact-resistance windows and doors, PGT Innovations is the best in its market, not only for its product, but for its employee support system. 

The company provides profound benefits to its employees, including competitive wages, healthcare, tuition reimbursement, and paid time off. Current employees and administrative officials at PGT Innovations believe the company is like a family. Its employees are treated as such.

Employees are offered nontraditional benefits, including leadership development training, financial wellness classes, and personal wellness programs. 

“PGT Innovations is looking for more incredible folks to join our team and build long-term careers with us,” said president and CEO, Jeff Jackson. 

PGT Innovations aims to make and sell products that protect people, especially with hurricane season approaching. Serving the needs of homeowners remains important while people are dealing with impacts of COVID-19. This is why the company is seeking new employees.

Applicants can expect to find openings in manufacturing and loading technicians, forklift and semi-truck drivers, and the accounting and credit department. Candidates may have any prior work experience or skill sets. For everyone’s safety and per social distancing and shelter in place standards, interviews will be held over the phone or through video conference. 

Speaking to the precautions being taken, senior vice president of human resources at the company, Debbie LaPinska, notes that PGT Innovations is built on a “culture of care.”

“Our organization recognizes that taking care of our team members is our number one priority, so we are doing everything we can to keep all parties safe.”

Debbie LaPinska

For more information on how to apply, visit this website or call 941-480-1600. 

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