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Paula Peralta Body Shape "There is no age to feeling and looking good"

Treat the special moms in your life to Paula Peralta Body Shape, a place where people go to reshape their minds, body, and soul

Paula Peralta has been working in the beauty and aesthetics industry for over 20 years. She runs a spa that offers body and facial treatments ranging from reduction massages to facials,  laser treatments, ultrasounds, and much more.

Read the story of how she fell head over heels in love with the aesthetics industry and about the future plans she has for Paula Peralta Body Shape in this news below.

What led her to the aesthetics industry

Paula Peralta graduated as a surgical instrumentation professional where she learned firsthand for many years how to deal with surgical instruments and sterilized environments.  By assisting surgeons and working in operating rooms she slowly discovered her own passion for healthcare with an aesthetic twist. The knowledge she gained there played a key role in her choosing the path towards the aesthetics industry.

Later when she arrived in Miami, she continued to learn more and educate herself by further developing her skills and expertise in both clinical and medical areas.  All of this occurred under the supervision of an industry-renowned mentor. That is how she discovered the opportunity to develop herself professionally in the aesthetics industry in Miami and did not hesitate one bit to express her own version of excellence known as Paula Peralta Body Shape.What Paula Peralta loves most about her job

"Because it allows me to help people," she explained. For her, this job helps people ease their pain and recover their self-esteem after losing a lot of weight, firming their skin, and in post-operative processes.

As an assistant who has helped doctors with surgeries, she understands the physical and psychological distresses a person goes through after and during surgery. With that knowledge on hand, she believes her profession allows her to help her clients.

What she loves most about her profession is the fact that people of all ages, regardless of their gender, are embracing self-care and body treatments. Beauty and aesthetics aren’t only intended for women. There is no age to look good and feel good, according to Paula Peralta.

Her clientele comprises 20% men and 70% women, proving that men are equally embracing self-care and treatments that aid in reshaping their bodies.

Paula Peralta posing for picture

What sets her business apart in Miami and beyond

"A patient is never just another number" for Paula Peralta Body Shape. She and the rest of the team understand the needs that serve everyone best and the type of treatments that will facilitate their recovery journey. There's no one-size-fits-all approach in her books. They offer personalized treatments that are tailored to each client's needs.

She said that her clients appreciate the quintessential touch of love they put on each one of them. From the moment you walk into Paula Peralta Body Shape, you are received with warm gestures welcoming you to your very own “YOU TIME.”

Talking further with us, she also wanted to tell her clients that Paula Peralta Body Shape is a place that's constantly evolving in many ways like technology, treatment types, and other services. Change is necessary for every business to avoid becoming obsolete in the market, according to her.

She instills the same level of professional ethics and values in her team, so her team can also "put themselves in their client's shoes to understand their needs".

She opened Paula Peralta Body Shape’s second location in one of the most peaceful areas, in Florida known as Ft. Myers, from where she aspires to serve other cities like Ave Maria, Cape Coral, Naples, Leigh, and Punta Gorda.

Staff doing massage therapies on their client

What do clients love most?

We asked Paula about Paula Peralta Body Shape's most popular service, to which she replied that their reduction massages are the most sought-after service. Other services like the G5, and Venus Legacy™, are equally in demand. The G5 is a mechanical massager that uses percussive and vibrational therapy to stimulate muscles, increases your circulation, and improves lymphatic drainage. The Venus Legacy™ is a multi-polar radio frequency that treats the skin by tightening it, contouring, and reducing cellulite.

Presently, Paula Peralta Body Shape offers Lymphatic Drainage Massages, Body Wrapping, Post op Massages, Pre and post-Partum Massages, Relaxing Massages, Venus Legacy, EMSculpt, Wood Therapy, Metal Therapy, Cavitation, Radiofrequency, G5 Massager, Ultrasound, LeBody (Electrostimulation), Criotherapy, Lipolaser, Laser Hair Removal, Facials – Hydrafacial, Dermapen, Body Exfoliations, and Sauna Blanket Detox.

She has plans to continue to expand and hone her skills through professional training and continuing education in the field so she can offer her services in other cities and, perhaps, other countries as well. Paula Peralta Body Shape is the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day so women can reshape and rejuvenate themselves. Check out their Instagram @PaulaPeraltaBodyShape to get a feel of their services.

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