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Try reduction massages for harder-to-shape areas in 2023

Home reduction massages to tone legs, arms, and abdomen

Though a workout and a good diet are key ingredients to keeping your body in shape, some areas require more attention. Areas such as legs, arms, and abdomen are difficult to shape with just diet or exercise.

Home reduction massages are an inexpensive and easy-to-do solution for flabby skin. Read to learn the tips and tricks for doing reduction massage at home.

The magic of reduction massages

Body reduction massages can alleviate muscular pain and improve flexibility, range of motion, and blood circulation while lowering stress and tension.

This massage technique includes rhythmic hand movements in a particular area. For better results, use fat-reducing cream, alcohol, and exfoliating gloves.

The best way to try home reduction massages is by using pounding, friction, and kneading movements. Use reducing cream on the target area and knead it softly but increase pressure with more pace.

Knead for twenty minutes, followed by soft pounding on the affected area. That said, the results take time, and consistency is the key. This body reduction massage method not only reduces fat but also reduces stress.

The key is to stay hydrated to flush out toxins. Pair these massage sessions with a good diet loaded with vegetables and fruits to get your body all the nutrients it needs.

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Make reducing cream at home

Don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Make reducing cream at home with simple ingredients available at any naturist and health food store.

Make a cold cream with one liter of water and a double boiler. Mix and boil a spoonful of rosemary, seaweed, Indian pennywort, elastin, aloe vera, ivy, horsetail, and mint. Pour the mixture after it cools into a container. Keep away from direct sunlight or store in a cold area for better results.

Clean the target area with cotton before doing the massage. Apply the cold cream in a circular motion using an exfoliating glove. Don’t move downward, as it causes the skin to sag. Don’t overdo the massage, as it can bruise the skin.

Fat-reducing creams can be used on legs, arms, abdomen, and waist to reduce cellulite and fat.

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