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Florida’s gas crisis has Mayor Levine Cava discouraging panic buying

The gas crisis in Florida is expected to end soon if corporations, stations, and the public cooperate

A week after South Florida experienced historic floods, residents and visitors alike have been waiting in lengthy lines to fill up their gas tanks out of an abundance of caution. Several gas stations have run out of gasoline because of the hurry to sell it, which has spurred more cars to fill up their vehicles in case stations run out. This has led to a statewide gas crisis in Florida.

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Florida gas crisis won’t continue for long

Information officer Joy Oglesby says there are positive signs that additional fuel will reach stations in South Florida more quickly. On Wednesday, a port spokesperson verified that nine of the port's twelve gas terminals were back to full capacity after bouncing back following the previous week's devastating floods. Oglesby also reported that fuel is being sent directly to gas outlets in South Florida from the ports of Tampa and Port Canaveral.

A gas filling station with a pump

People should stop panic buying

On Wednesday morning, Mayor of Miami-Dade County Daniella Levine Cava conducted a press conference in front of a Shell gas to assure citizens that gas is being delivered and to discourage any panic buying. The mayor has stated that if people stop stockpiling gasoline, service stations will swiftly return to normal. Oglesby also cautioned motorists to save gas until the privately-operated fuel businesses at the port can meet demand.

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