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Florida Gas Prices Reach a Multi-Year High and Are Expected to Rise

Florida gas prices continue to see a sharp increase in 2022, with predictions for further spikes

Locals are left concerned and worried as Florida gas prices see the highest surge in 8 years, and a further increase is expected.

Florida gas prices increased by 12 cents in the past week alone and 24 cents over the last two weeks. This may have come as a surprise to some people, but this is possibly just the start of further increases and a rise in prices.

Gas prices continue to rise across the world

The hike in the prices are increasing all over the world.

But it’s not just Florida that has seen an increase in fuel and gas prices; countries across the world are expecting a global surge and fearing an economic crisis. This is a double whammy given the horrific effects of the coronavirus on economic progress across the world.

However, the increase in fuel prices is directly tied to the surge in crude oil prices, which has gone over $90 per barrel for the first time since 2014. This has directly impacted the global demand and supply in disproportionate measures, and the American Automobile Association (AAA) expects another 10-15% rise over the next few weeks.

Recommendations for dealing with price hikes

According to the AAA, there are several recommendations that may help the ordinary citizen save more money on fuel, including:

  • Paying with cash to avoid credit card fees and overcharging
  • Comparing gas prices for the lowest options
  • Maintaining vehicles and avoiding speeding to curb fuel overuse
  • Looking up savings programs and offers to cut back on costs

The expected increase in fuel prices predicts a steady rise over the next few weeks and during 2022, which may mean it’s best to invest in possible alternatives too.

This comes at a time when Miami is already pushing for carbon neutrality by 2050 and looking into more sustainable forms of energy and fuel for commercial and residential usage. Will this be the catalyst in the shift toward less fossil fuel dependence? Let’s see!

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